Happy Magical Tuesday!


I woke up this morning to the first 2017 Monday in NYC and realised OMG we missed our musing in Australia yesterday!!!


At first the voices of “guilt, feeling bad and like I letting you down arose” and then I realised “its a brand new year and I get to chose what playlist I listen too and its definitely not going to start with these songs.”


So instead I forgave myself, reminded myself that its only 7am on Monday in NYC and that everything was going to be ok. As I did this my heart and soul spoke and shared with me that yesterday the energies for this post weren’t quite ready, because I wasn’t ready and needed to rest and receive the new energy of 2017.


So with this came this deep knowing that actually this moment, is the most divine moment for me to be writing this and sharing the energetic love with you. Ive always known that every time I share with you there is a magical energy exchange … however this year with all this extra light coming into the earth between 1st January and the 11th of January I am even more aware of how powerful it is going to be. 


Our mantra this week … “As I open my heart a new day, a new year, awaits.”

This weeks inspirational song … 
Rhythm Inside, Calum Scott
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Wishing you a magical, playful, soulFULL week as we head into the New Year!

Immense LOVE, Kyla xx


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