Have you tried every manifestation tool on the market and yet you end up feeling even more frustrated about yourself, your life and your dreams?


It’s time to step out of the habit of trying to force life and your dreams to happen.

Putting your energy in a state of confusion, overwhelm, lack, fear and doubt.

Often left believing that you, and your life, are not currently enough, or you are doing something wrong.


Say it with me … I AM MAGNETIC …aaaahhhhh feels so good doesn’t it!!! 


You see manifestation is often initiated from, and limited by the mind. Magnetism flows from going deep within, connecting with your soul and inviting your heart to open wide and fully receive.


Magnetism is about becoming receptive to your greatest dreams and desires coming into form. You invite, allow, receive and then take consistent, clear, committed action in alignment. It is about trusting, believing and acting as if all you desire is already within you (because if you can intend it, it is already true), as you focus on what is already present, instead of what is missing.



“Magnetic force is a repulsion (push) or a attraction (pull) exerted by the magnet of the desires of your heart and soul. Miraculous, magical magnetic force then effortlessly results from electrically charged particles known as electrons. Electrons are always in motion, cultivating even greater attraction. And this force of attraction between the object of your desire and the magnet of your soul is what I like to call Divine Magnetism.





40 days of divine magnetism, takes you on a journey of setting you up for soulFULL success, purposeFULL living and dreams coming true with much less effort.


This is your official invite to focus on effortless manifestation, as you begin to learn to enter a place of deep meditation, and invite what you want to come to you. 


Magnetism begins with intention, surrendering, letting go, and allowing life to lead you in the direction of your dreams, without getting attached to the how … 












  • Pre-Program Resources; Divine Magnetism Intention Setting Guidance + Daily Journal
  • Lifetime Program Membership, join another group and upgrade at anytime
  • 40 days of Audio and Video guidance
  • 3 x 30 minute Private Soul Coaching Skype Session
  • ACCESS Online Group Coaching Sessions & Q&A Magnify Your Dreams
  • 3 x Magical Acts + 40 Days of Play-tivities tailored to your program
  • 40 x Turn Up The Love Vlogs + Audios
  • Personal Divine Magnetism Accountability Checklist
  • Private WhatsApp group for magical updates, magnetic accountability, and Q&A opportunities
  • Energetic Support to Expand Your Energy and Release Blocks to Manifesting
  • Divine Magnetism Accountability Checklists and journals to keep you in the flow though every act
  • Exclusive Web Page Hang Out
  • Free energetic meditation journeys matched to each act of your magnetic journey




  • Magnetically designed intention setting poster, daily affirmations, inspirations
  • Divine Magnetism Spotify + YouTube Playlist
  • Access to 13 Guided Meditations for energetic and life transformation
  • 4 Additional daily Turn Up The Love meditations
  • BONUS: Letting go of past regrets
  • BONUS: Stepping into greater freedom by dissolving patterns of abandonment