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Welcome back …. I hope you enjoyed clearing some of the clutter of your mind last month by “breathing in love and clarity and being more mindful with your thoughts and words.”  If you missed Step One in this series around “Breathe Mindful Peace” you may want to click on the link and pop on over and have a read after enjoying this post.

And now its time for Step Two … Reconnect Your Inner Fire.

What I see in the world is that many of our inner flames have been put out, burnt out or handed over to others in our life, the best part of this is that we have a MASSIVE opportunity to begin again and along our journey to creating our most extraordinary life we get to reignite this inner fire and begin this by reconnect with what it is that make use tick, smile, proud and YOU (or me).

When I left the world of corporate I had no idea where I was going next or even which door I would step through however I knew inside of my heart that I could no longer stay in this place. There was a calling deep within my inner world to “change or perish,” ok that might be a little dramatic maybe it was more like change or be dead bored the rest of my life.  You see I had always believed that if I didn’t like something I could change it and at this point in time I didn’t like the behaviours of those around me, the person I was becoming focused only on status and money and the lack of connection within my life. My choice was simple, stay or leave, so of course I chose to leave. …….

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Much EXTRAordinary Love, Kyla

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