Yay CONGRATULATIONS … yep you’ve known your whole life that you were destined for greatness, to make a positive impact and difference in this world and when your heart and soul began to call out for wild and free liberation. I’m so proud of you because you actually listened, took ACTION and followed the call. Beyond all the fears, doubts, naysayers and “can’t do, not enoughness” you BELIEVED in you and something greater, and now you have been rewarded for taking this first leap of FAITH and for this I acknowledge and celebrate you.


This path isn’t for everyone, and definitely not the faint hearted, and so by being granted access to this ADVANCED world of BECOMING a Soul Coach I want you to realised this is because ” YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH” and I see a piece of me, in you. And this piece is an unconditionally loving soul who is willing to go deep, to look at both the shadow and light of themselves and step into BEing the greatest healer, coach and facilitator YOU can BE. This journey isn’t about DOing things right, its about TRUTH, and trusting the process of life. Together we are going to move you into a place of remembering even more deeply than ever before what it feels like to live liberated, wild and free AS YOU, and then to holding space for your clients to live, love and lead in this elevated WAY. Not your way, or my way, their souls way.


I am beyond GRATEFUL you have chosen to walk this path with me into our advanced training and know if you have made it this far it is truly because you are meant to be here, so hold this in your heart if, or when, any new fears or doubts or noisy gremlin voices rise as we prepare you for the upcoming certification and know that this is completely natural.


Not only will you walk away from this training as an Advanced certified Soul Coach you will have totally transformed and expanded into an even more fully expressed and authentic version of yourself. To get there though is going to take a little delayering … and know, no matter how long you have been on this spiritual journey for, this peeling back continues.


I use to ask my teachers “when will this end, BUT i’ve done this piece already …” and every time my souls answer would be the same “Kyla your learning, growth and discovery will be over the day your soul leaves this earth. Living, learning, embodying and then teaching wisdom is your WAY.” Yes i’ve now accepted that its the excitement of daily discovery and new ways to love myself and my life even more which sustain me and fills our wisdom cup to be the most open, curious and truthfully humble authentic student and teacher I can be. I am always learning as I teach, and this is truly what keeps me grounded and REAL in this world which is getting louder and prouder, not often in a good way.


My journey has taught me is really is who I am BEing day to day which matters so much more than what I do. As we train together you will begin to know, sense, feel, celebrate, acknowledge and anchor this deeply within your core. You will discover a deep liberation as your value, worth, love, happiness, contentment, energy and purpose detaches from anything outside of you, and you unveil the gifts and presents of your PRESENCE. Knowing this is, always has been, and will forever be, more than enough.


So again, in honour of you, the wondrous  Denise, myself and our community of global Soul Coaches WELCOME … to the party of all parties, to the greatest ride ever as we take you on the most transformational, magical, magnetically abundant adventure of your LIFE.


YAY!!! Its definitely time.


OK now to logistics … its important to note that as Kyla keeps her trainings as small intimate groups for the greatest personal and professional transformation and development most of these certification trainings book out and your place will not be secured until your registration form and payment have been received.  


LOCATION: Sydney, Australia (90mins outside CBD) at retreat style location

TIME & DATE: 1st June – 8th June 2019 

INCLUSIONS: Simple self made breakfast (smoothies; eggs; cereals; toasts; fruits); healthy lunches; snacks and 2 dinners. Most evenings are FREE time and dinner meals are not included so will need to be coordinated by the individual. All accomodation.


STEP ONE: CLICK HERE and complete the attached registration form and return it to kyla@kylatustin.com.


STEP TWO PAYMENT if we have just completed your application call and it is now time for you to pay you have two options.



BSB: 484 799

Acc: 203871738

Acc Name: Your Power Centre

Bank: Suncorp

Reference: SCC and your name

Amount – FULL PAYMENT $5555 inc. GST / Deposit to Secure your place $555 inc. GST

PLEASE email to let me know you have made the deposit. 


Choose payment option below, note there is a 2.6% Fee with this.

Advanced Soul Coaching Certification

STEP THREE CELEBRATE YAY you have overcome the fear filled gremlins of doubt or unworthiness and taken the next biggest step towards living your greatest life filled with love, purpose and contribution.


Now you have committed to support your commitment to the training in energetically I would invite you to pray and set the intention every morning and evening to “WELCOME, allow and attract the support, people, love, connections, available time, finances and abundance you require to be of service and join in this 2019 training.” I know deep in my soul each of you is going be a part of this group and so TOGETHER lets collectively support the sisterhood and brotherhood to make this happen for you.