Tools To Live, Love + Lead Liberated, Wild + Free

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, anxious and unsatisfied, despite appearing to have it all? Do you dream of a life filled with joy, freedom, and fulfilment, where you wake up every day with positive energy and a sense of purpose? Welcome, my friend you’ve arrived at the right place!

Hi, I’m Kyla, your greatest raving fan (until you are). I’m here to soulFULLy and strategically coach you to create your greatest life, love, and leadership dreams, your way.

Whether you’re looking to transform and transition your career, your relationships, or your overall health, happiness and wellbeing, I’ve got you covered.

Through my #PRESSPLAYYOURWAY coaching, certification programs, and reTREAT Yourself adventures and events, together we’ll help you discover a new, more exciting, and enjoyable way of doing life. Supporting you to ignite your passion for purpose and play again, empowering you to express yourself freely, and build greater love, confidence and empowerment, from the inside out.

NO more EXCUSES! or APOLOGIES! It’s your turn to discover what it feels like to live, love + lead liberated, wild + free. So let’s get started as we fuel your days with soulFULL joy and success. Join me in THE #PRESSPLAY ROOM and let’s make it happen!

Tailor Designed Coaching, UNIQUELY YOUR WAY, Changes Lives, and Habits, Faster

Imagine what’s possible in your life if you gave yourself the gift of PERMISSION to live on your terms. No more excuses, no more apologies, just pure, unbridled joy and freedom.

Defining and discovering our dreams is the first step towards achieving them. But how can we believe in our dreams when we’re not even sure what they are, or when we doubt our ability to make them a reality? Over the last 13 years I’ve worked with thousands of clients who have walked into our coaching playroom with energy zapping “should” goals, only to walk out transformed, living, loving, and leading in a brand new way.

When we allow ourselves to go deeply within, beyond the mind, we begin to hear the truth of what our hearts really yearn for. That’s when the magic happens. Together, we’ll explore where you are now and where you truly want to be. With a clearly defined DEPLOYment plan, we’ll #pressplay on the attitudes, actions, and daily habits that will get you to your dreams even more quickly.

We’ll also uncover the central theme or core beliefs that may be secretly sabotaging your choices and decisions. These fear-based thoughts, judgments, criticisms, and doubts can keep you “safely” in your comfort zone. But with my guidance and support, you’ll break free from those limitations and step into a life that’s wild, free, and utterly magical. Let’s journey together and discover what’s possible for you!

Insights to elevate your LIFE + LEADERSHIP values + confidence.

Working together you will discover unique ways too ..

Clear your MIND and get focused on who you want to BE and the key areas of transformation that will radically change your work, leadership and life this year.


Wake up with PHYSICAL energy, vitality and the accountability to stay committed daily to your wellness goals and intentions, plus see real results, fast.


Release beliefs and behaviours which are sabotaging true intimacy, love and connection. Discover how to FULLY express yourself in business, the bedroom and boardroom.


Break through fears and EMOTIONAL limitations to empower, motivate and inspire your days, authentically connecting with self and others.


Tap into the infinite wisdom, courage, passion and confidence of your INTUITIVE voice within. Ready to overcome any challenges that come your way.


Step outside your business and career comfort zone and into new levels of magnetic self led leadership, strategic life planning, soulFULL success and income attraction

PRESS PLAY YOUR WAY TODAY and let's start one of our life changing adventures together …

What People are Saying

“Excellent from the start of the session, Kyla had the group and myself engaged, provided great awareness, facts and tips to take with us with UNIQUE teachings on powerful tools which often go unnoticed.” 
“Kyla is an excellent presenter motivating and inspiring, yet gentle. She provides very practical content related specifically to our business challenges. she is enthusiastic, interactive and fun.”
NSWFDC Association
“Kyla provided a full day of sessions for our team… Every single staff member who attended gave positive feedback… It was a great day and really hit the mark for us in self-care for ourselves and each other.” 
Wesley Mission
"Kyla sessions ground you, supporting you to find clarity. Working with emotions, mindset and even just her amazing level-headed advice, she guides  on your new path of power and happiness."
"Kyla is a great facilitator and provides useful tools that are simple to implement. What a way to kickstart a focus on yourself. Great session, clear and enthusiastic. Thank you."
Walt Disney Company
“In today’s world we can get so lost in our own dramas, sometimes going round in circles, not even remembering why or how this cycle started let alone how to get out of it. when you are ready, SOUL COACHING lovingly holds your hand while you take the first steps on your new path of power and happiness."
EA + Student of Naturopathy
“Soul Coaching has been a beautiful and transformative experience.  The journey allowed me to understand myself better and identify ways to move myself towards greater inner and outer happiness and awareness.This journey gives you a refreshed perspective on your life, purpose and being. It is a beautiful experience that everyone owes themselves. Thank you!”
Events Marketing Manager
“My work with SOUL COACHING has been an amazing journey and experience. When I begun I had completely lost hope and faith in life and could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. Working with her has completely transformed my beliefs and I am feeling more positive and motivated than ever before. i now know I am able to tackle anything that comes my way."
Sale Executive
“Throughout my SOUL coaching sessions with Melinda, I felt a feeling of safety, comfort & encouragement. Melinda not only helped me uncover what was really holding me back but also supported me to develop tangible strategies and tools to live a more balanced, joyful and fulfilling life."
Coach and Corporate Consultant
“"Kyla Your energy is completely without ego and your inner child shines through allowing us all to share our vulnerabilities. You have such special gifts that you share so selflessly to teach the rest of us how amazing life can be and are a wonderful example for us to 'feel the fear and do it anyway'"
Teacher + Principal
“Kyla is an excellent presenter, content well- pitched, relevant. She ensured that the group felt like a safe place to express ourselves. such fantastic training. really thought provoking.” 
Centacare Leadership Team
“Recently we engaged Kyla to deliver a program on Emotional Intelligence, which was so well received by the participants, she was rebooked for the very next day."
Life Without Barriers
“Kyla is one of the most enthusiastic and passionate facilitators I have seen. She provides you with sensible and practical tools for stress management and creating the best vision and plan for your life."
Aussie Home Loans
"Kyla is an amazing coach/facilitator. great blend of science and experience. todays session made me realise that everything is possible if you put your mind to it. awesome workshop!"
Mosman Fine Dental
"Kyla is a remarkable and compassionate Soul Coach. She creates a safe and nurturing environment for discovering your soul’s truth!"
Denise Linn
“The refreshing clarity that came to me from working with A SOUL COACH was a sensational experience, I started to take time and feel genuine joy and happiness. All the old negative thoughts of people or experiences I was carrying around have dissolved away and I feel a complete sense of freedom. There are not many people you say were born to do what they do but Kyla was!”
Client Trainer
“Kyla has a contagious positive energy. She is vivacious, warm, encouraging and compassionate. I seeked out her Soul Coaching just before I made a huge transition in my life and she helped me regain my power, faith and control of my life. Using talk therapy, crystals and guided meditation/regression, she helped me let go of pain and suffering I had held onto for years!”
Yoga Instructor + Relationship Coach
“I have had four SESSIONS WITH MY SOUL COACH SO FAR and it is one of the things in my week I most look forward to, Kyla has a kindness and beauty within that makes me trust her and allow her to get to know who I am and what I want from life in order to make me a happier better person. Thank you for helping me with my life’s journey.”
Childcare Worker
“Working with SOUL COACHING brought such joy to my life. She is an amazing, compassionate and loving Soul Coach & Healer. Kyla’s energy instantly puts you at ease. Thanks too Kyla… I am no longer imagining what my life could be, I’m living it! I am still me…. but better. Kyla, I am deeply grateful to you and thank you for this amazing journey!”
Feng Shui Practitioner
“This technique is just So Simple, and yet it has life-changing ramifications which take you deeper into yourself and allows your Soul to guide you into a peaceful being. Soul CoachING HAS helpED ME find this peace, one that you will be grateful forever. Just Be and let YOUR SOUL COACHES guidance and understanding lead you into this bliss as IT did for me.” 
Travel Consultant