Dissatisfaction, doubt and discontent are so 2020!!! 

Are You Ready To Join 2021 and Enter The #PRESSPLAY room. A place to Let GO of fear, doubt and soul purpose sabotage to LIVE, LOVE And LEAD A Liberated, Wild and Free Life Everyday, totally filled with LOVE?

Well let’s Get Going As We Would Hate The Greatest Show Of Your Life To Start Without You!!

I believe if you are here today, you have been magically guided here because you are ready to take that next step within a miraculous transformation in your life.

It’s about going deeply within, working your way from the inside, out. Which I have found over the last decade of working on my own journey, and with thousands of clients, really is the most profound way to make long lasting change within your life, business, relationships, health and finding direction and purpose.

In a world where our ego desires answers, and external goals to attach too, our heart and soul knows that is it the journey, not the destination, we are here to enJOY. In the world of personal development I have found quick fixes are short lived and as soon as the water gets a bit rocky those pesky noisy thoughts return and try and drag you back under … this is where soul coaching and energy transformation works differently. Instead of increasing the idea of this “false” self attached to money, success, competition and power, tapping into the infinite, love filled, pure power of your soul is simply the “new” way of BEing, and with it comes great, great FREEDOM. I believe the more you know yourself inside, and yes, your pesky world ending thoughts, the more you are able to love all parts of you and in these moments you remind yourself who’s boss and the stillness returns and the natural joy and wonder in your heart expands.

If you know nothing about your soul or energy but are intrigued, imagine a session like this.

If you never cleaned the windows in your home or car and slowly as the weeks and months go by the grease and dirt build up. Imagine, what your view of the outside world would look like? And how much chaos would be caused if you were trying to drive through this view???

Well this is what happens to our energy if stress, emotions and experiences are not completely dealt with they it impact the way we see ourselves, others, our work and our life. So every now and then we need some clarity, support and tools to give ourselves a beautiful, nurturing and enriching tune in, tune up and reigniting of our illumination.

Looking for some 1:1 loving?

Don’t just take my word for it, read these kind words from an amazing client.

“Kyla, You have always been the most incredibly positive and generous healer. You simply radiate love and joy and everyone in your presence trusts and feels safe. I have experienced a number of healers but you are by far my favourite because of your gentleness, generosity, beautiful, serene energy and the non-judgemental way that you practise. You don’t present yourself as a guru or assume to know what’s best for anyone – there is no ego present in your space. I have always believed that the client really has all the answers but isn’t always open to hearing or seeing them. You are so talented and intuitive that you create that safe space where we can tune into what we need to understand. Nothing is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ – with you there is never one way of doing, being feeling or interpreting.”

What can you expect after a session?

  • Find clarity on your reason for being, your soul’s true purpose and desired feelings and most importantly guidance on your next steps
  • Awaken inner presence, connection, peace and knowing of your soul’s voice
  • To become a game changer in your own life
  • Release negative self talk and the power it holds over you
  • Design an EXTRAordinary Life Plan to raise your vibration and your life
  • Focused direction for every area of your life
  • A deeper understanding of your personal strengths and the personality and life path your soul to live through in this life time
  • Discover the basic fear which has held you back from living and creating your dreams
  • Tools and techniques to work with in-between sessions to keep the empowerment buzz
  • To be pushed outside your comfort zone to create sustainable, long term positive change
  • An opportunity to know yourself on a much deeper level to create greater satisfaction in all areas of your life
  • Advanced coaching and energy breakthrough sessions and support
  • Accountability homework, affirmations, exercises and soul coaching tips and tools to keep you focused and moving forward every single day
  • My 100% commitment to your success, enjoyment and fulfilment from the program

Who would benefit from working with Kyla?

  • If you are ready to make crazy, empowered positive change your life but you are not sure how or where to start
  • If you are wanting to make a contribution in the world
  • If you have a burning desire to create an exceptional and extraordinary life everyday
  • If you feel you are at the next stage in your spiritual journey and would like to learn empowering skills you can use everyday to coach yourself and work with energy yourself at home
  • If you feel like you were born with a mystical, magical purpose that is yet to unveil itself
  • If you have tried everything and still feel stuck, overwhelmed, stressed or dissatisfied
  • If you are at a cross roads in your career, relationship or life
  • If you are sick of waking up every day to the same extraordinary dreams and the same old excuses that come with them
  • If inside your heart something is saying, “hell yeah” I am totally ready to walk my pathway and step into my purpose
  • If the combination of intuitive soul coaching, life coaching and advanced energy healing to support your life or business feels exciting to you
  • Or if you just feel called to join in

Why is working with Kyla different from other coaching programs?

Our time together is unique, personalised, intuitive, energetic, practical and tailored just for you and your key intentions and desired outcomes.

The structural foundations I work with have been created and guided through my heart and soul bringing together the best of the best of two decades of personal and spiritual development and training, from world renowned spiritual teachers and coaches. All bundled up in a neat and funky strategic, change you life, take action package that will ignite greater levels of energy, blow your mind and awaken your soul.

Having worked with thousands of clients I’ve crafted my own special art in this field. I will push you when you need pushing, I will hug you when you need a hug (ok maybe virtually), I will challenge you when you get stuck, I will empower you to be free, to take control, to enjoy adventure, to step outside your comfort zone, to make change your new best friend and to know exactly where you want to go, how to get there and with enough confidence to allow the spontaneity and flexibility for miracles to occur.

LOOKING for an ONLINE transformative adventure?