Empowering Teenage Girls from within

A place for teens to be teens, created to empower teenage girls to look within and embrace and LOVE their extraordinary self.

How can Empowering Teens support you, your students or your daughter?

Teenage girls are faced with the growing pressures to fit in, to look a certain way and to achieve even more. Our tailored in-house workshops, one on one sessions and online program support teenage girls by teaching them to look inside for the answers and to support in the reduction of stresses such as:

• Anxiety

• Bullying

• Mood Swings

• Depression

• Eating Disorders

• A Sense of Isolation

Our workshops enable teenage girls to positively change the way they feel about themselves and their life. Increase self esteem, academic performance, confidence and the ability to respond in a healthy way to their environment rather than over reacting based on past experiences & hurt.

Therefore helping to create happy and healthy relationships with themselves, family and friends as they live each day from a place of inner freedom, fulfillment and joy.

Empowering Teens is designed especially for teenage girls providing a fun, practical and interactive personal development environment. Our workshops are run in-house within schools and community groups, tailored to the specific needs of your girls and the environment they are living within.

We also provide an online 28 Day program and Free Resources below for those girls wanting to experience EXTRAordinary life changes from the comfort of their own home or who may not be able to travel to Sydney. All of our programs teach your students, or daughter, essential life skills and provide them with the opportunity to listen to and understand themselves and how their emotions, thoughts and actions impact their lives and who they want to be within the world.

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