Are you feeling READY for a mid-year OMGreatness I can’t believe its July reset on your life???


Well you’ve arrived at the right place …


2017 is totally your year to DEFY Ordinary and Press Play on your EXTRAordinary dreams … so lets get started …


Welcome to the WINTER WONDERLAND party of all parties as we ready, set, go and have you re-set your year with an elevated visionary explosive bang. The days are cooler, the nights oh so sweet at home, and so lets take some time out of your busy yay the EOFY days are over and celebrate creating the most EXTRAordinary year possible.


In this workshop we are going to have lots of fun tapping into the power and wisdom of your soul to intuitively design your dreams & powerfully imprinting your wishes into your sub-conscious. Making 2017 your year to co-create amazing soulFULL successs, magentic abundance and opportunities with even greater ease!


I am so excited be offering in their 6th year running our annual Soul Coaching Collage and Vision Board workshop again for 2017 with a revampled, reset your life energy.


It definitely feels like this magical winter wonderland style session is going to be even BIGGER than huge given and just in time for everyones visions to be brought into form before we hit NYE.


If you haven’t attended before vision boards are a powerful visualisation and goal setting tools which not only motivate and inspire you to get clarity and then follow your hearts desire but they also activate the universal law of attraction which begins manifesting your dreams into reality…. when added of course with a daily dose of magnetic action of course which I will share ALOT about..


Within this divinely magnetic Vision Board Manifestation workshop you will:

  • Discover and decipher any blocks or obstacles which get in the way of your powerful manifestation and creation mojo.
  • Elevate the manifestation energy flow in all areas of your life, and then powerfully and energetically infuse the “one area” you feel most passionate about enhancing.
  • Create goals with soul aligned to what you truly desire, rather than what you “think” you should do this year.
  • Gain the clarity to take clear soulful action to ensure you manifest your dreams with even greater ease this year.
  • Receive tools which step you into feeling comfortable with receiving as we discover what might be stopping you from allowing the energy of your intentions, dreams and visions to come into form.
  • Create a beautiful and inspiring personalised vision board for 2017 and beyond
  • Celebrate and review achievements from the year so far, what worked, what got in your way and how to ensure you create even greater action taking mometum in 2017
  • Stepping into the 2nd half of 2017 with complete trust & faith in your dreams.
  • Activate the creative energy needed to ensure your dreams are aligned to your values and core desires for your life, heart and soul centred visons rather than head driven goals.
  • Receive a personalised intuitive Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reading to provide insight to support your year.
  • Discover why or why not certain visions might not have been attained in previous years and how to ensure magentic magic and manifestation become your middle name.
  • Receive some magical follow up PLAYtivities to examine your fears, face your shadow doubts and dissolve limitations which may get you stuck or stand in your way.
  • Enjoy a variety of journey meditations to explore & create powerful energy activations within your vision for 2017.
  • Work with energy, journeying, journaling and energy healing techniques to imprint your vision into your sub conscious.
  • Use specific Soul Coaching tools to decipher the hidden messages created within the design of your greatest year yet.
  • Feel prepared, empowered, motivated and inspired to create an amazing 2017.
  • Create concrete monthly intentions, actions and guidance to smash through any limitations and to get creating even more quickly.
  • Reflect, discuss, enJOY, encourage and have lots of FUN


In the last 2 years i’ve been uping my manifestation mojo and with this have been able to bring into form ….


  • new deely connected and soulFULL relationships
  • TWO all expenses paid 7 Day retreats in Mexico
  • a book deal
  • the oppotunity to set up my business and home in NYC and travel between Sydney and the USA business class for less than economy
  • a glorious 5 weeks European holiday and selling my home for a record amount, sure the market was pretty hot
  • being invited to be a part of a 60k person music festival to ripple love and kindness into the crowd
  • business success for the last 7 years with little, to no, marketing budget


And NO I am not magically blessed with golden finger tips … and YES there is a method to all of this magentic manifesting which I will share with you so YOU can create the life of your dreams as well.


TO BOOK IN email



When + Where: Saturday 22nd July; SoulToSoul Mosman


Time: 10am – 4pm


Price PRIVATE EVENT for Special Guests ONLY. 


Also, if you feel inspired beforehand then definitely collate some photos, pictures or words which relate directly to your dreams for 2017 and bring them along.


I look forward to sharing another amazing year with each of you.

Love Kyla