Kyla Tustin, Soul Coach & Speaker

Dearest EXTRAordinary Soul …

I hope you have had a wonderful week loving all of your human and standing up and standing tall for all that you desire to stand for. I felt inspired to share with you this very special Monday part of my mission for 2015 as it feels very relevant to lots of people at this moment in time.

My mission for 2015 as you know is about “Inspiring the Impossible” in the lives of all I touch … what I have realised though is that prior to this my mission needs to be ME. Now this might sound a bit strange but what I have realised over the last few years in business, and particularly after 6months last year with a herniated disk, is that without me strong, well and whole, there really is nothing to give.

And I feel like this is true for lots of us who love to give. I also read a short story from a friend Rory last week which really reinforced that as a society we support fitting in and emptying our cup, instead of overflowing it so we have even more to give. Many of us have been taught that its better to give than receive, to put other peoples needs, wants and lives before your own … well this week we are going to challenge all of these concepts and practice putting YOU (or for me, its me) first.

Think about it for a minute … “what could be different in your life RIGHT NOW if you took time to fill your own cup first???”

And that is our musing for this week, “its all about YOU” …. it may not be as profound or creative as some but I can assure you its got a super powered charge to it. So lets put post-its up, put reminders in your phone, create a new screen saver … tell everyone. This week I am prioritising “filling myself to the brim with all things me.”

YAY for you I am very excited already.

Much love and cup filling, Kyla xxx


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