Is 2018 going to be your year to 



Do you have HUGE goals you are ready to ignite and need the vision, support, and a clear strategy and plan to make it happen in 2018?


Then REACH FOR THE SKY is definitely for you as Kyla invites you to join her on this magical Goal Setting and Vision Board inward adventure in beautiful Queenstown.


Discover what it takes to ELEVATE your life, purpose, and relationships as you DREAM big, reach for the sky and create your greatest year yet in 2018.


Together we will delve deeply to playfully rewrite and transform the stories which have previously held you back from taking action in alignment with your dreams.

Walk away ready to step into the new year with a clear vision, roadmap and action plan. Preparing you to expand into greater levels of love, soulFULL success, purpose and magnetic abundance in all areas of your life.


But be quick! Early Bird ends midnight Sunday 15 Oct 2017



  • Discover and decipher any blocks or obstacles which get in the way of your powerful manifestation and creation mojo and action taking ability.
  • Elevate the manifestation energy flow in all areas of your life, and powerfully and energetically infuse the “ONE THING” you feel most passionate about enhancing.
  • Create goals with soul aligned to what you truly desire, rather than what you “think” you should do this year.
  • Gain the clarity to take clear soulFULL action to ensure you manifest your dreams with even greater ease this year.
  • Receive tools which step you into feeling comfortable with receiving and discover what might have previously prevented you from allowing the energy of your intentions, dreams, and visions to come into form.
  • Create a beautiful and inspiring personalised vision board for 2018 and beyond
  • Celebrate and review achievements from the year so far, what worked, what got in your way and how to ensure you create even greater action taking momentum in 2018
  • Stepping into 2018 with complete trust & faith in your dreams and your ability to take action.
  • Activate the creative energy needed to ensure your dreams are aligned with your values and core desires for your life, heart, and soul-centered visions rather than head driven goals.
  • Learn how to give and receive personalized intuitive Soul Coaching Oracle Card Readings to provide ongoing insight to support your year.
  • Discover why or why not certain visions might not have been attained in previous years and how to ensure magnetic magic and manifestation become your middle name.
  • Receive some magical follow-up PLAYtivities to examine your fears, face your shadow doubts and dissolve limitations which may get you stuck or stand in your way.
  • Enjoy a variety of journey meditations to explore & create powerful energy activations within your vision for 2018.
  • Work with energy, journeying, journaling, and energy healing techniques to imprint your vision into your subconscious.
  • Use specific Soul Coaching tools to decipher the hidden messages created within the design of your greatest year yet.
  • Feel prepared, empowered, motivated and inspired to create an amazing 2018.
  • Create concrete monthly intentions, actions, and guidance to smash through any limitations and to get creating even more quickly.
  • Reflect, discuss, enJOY, encourage and have lots of FUN


In the last 2 years Kyla has been uping her manifestation mojo and with this have been able to bring into form ….


  • New deeply connected and soulFULL relationships
  • TWO all expenses paid 7 Day retreats in Mexico
  • A book deal
  • The opportunity to set up my business and home in NYC and travel between Sydney and the USA business class for less than economy
  • A glorious 5 weeks European holiday
  • Being invited to be a part of a 60k person music festival to ripple love and kindness into the crowd
  • Business success for the last 7 years with little, to no, marketing budget
  • Invitations to facilitate the Soul Coaching Certification in India, South Africa, Oregon and New Zealand
  • To be put on as a top provider of meditation and mindfulness for one of Australia’s top banks to support the mindset transformation of 50,000 of their staff.


PLUS her workshops have supported the manifestation of new career and business opportunities, soul mate unions, births, new homes manifested, old ones sold at record prices and so much more.


And NO we are not all magically blessed with golden fingertips (well maybe I am really a magical unicorn hehehe) … but seriously YES there is a method to all of this magnetic manifesting which Kyla will share with you so YOU can create the life of your dreams as well.



  • Gondola Return Ticket
  • Catering Included
  • Access to Kyla’s super-powered 40 Days of Divine Magnetism and Manifestation meditations and tools


She will be sharing with you her powerful “Divine Magnetism” tools and techniques which also skyrocketed her in 2010 from an investment banking career to a global Transformational Speaker, and Corporate Soul Coach. She has now worked with thousands of clients and international high performing teams and clients to elevate their mood, mindset, energy, culture, and lives.


A DREAM is just a WISH without planning and daily consistent action



Be Quick – Limited Tickets Available – This Will Sell Out!


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