Working with Soul Coach, Kyla Tustin

Real Commitment Creates EXTRAordinary Change ….

OK so we have spent an amazing 7 days together so far sewing the seeds to awakening your EXTRAordinary and now its time to get serious about creating massive positive change in the way you see yourself and your life. If you are anything like me, which I know you are because you are here, you definitely don’t want to be sitting where you are, feeling how you are feeling, in 2015 having not achieved or created anything magnificent out of the year.

And so let’s get started with a few very important questions to ensure we are on the same page with our program ….

  • Do you have great intentions and find yourself in the same place, or relationship, year after year?
  • Are you ready to make profound and lasting change in your life throughout 2014?
  • Do you feel like your ship is sailing off course or your car is on the road ….aaahhhh im not sure exactly?
  • Do you wish you could love and enJOY your work even more?
  • Are you working really hard but without any clarity or direction?
  • Do you feel stuck in a career, relationship, business which is weighing your down?
  • Do you feel change on the horizon and the fear that is coming with it is huge?
  • Do you wish you know you are courageous people like those who follow their dreams but something is holding you back?
  • Do you get in your own way from what you really want in life?
  • Do you feel stuck and exhausted and need to haul yourself out of bed every morning?
  • Do you fear change and making the wrong decision?
  • Have you started, stopped, and tried to make life-changes before and often given up along the way?
  • Do you worry more than you live and love?
  • Would you love to feel confident within yourself no matter where you are?
  • Do you put other people’s needs and dreams before your own?

If you answered “yes” to any of these then you are definitely in the right place and so stay with me, we have lots of discuss …. You see many of us spend years looking outside our self for someone to save us, to give us the answers or to fill the void. We wonder why everyone else’s Facebook life looks so much better than ours, and we know the changes we need to make but something always holds us back and without the right structures, foundation, friends and accountability partner when faced with big changes most people will run and hide. …. but NOT YOU I can feel it, because

You ready allow “The EXTRAordinaires” to lead you to clarity within your visions, values, passion and purpose so we can have you creating your great and living the life of your dreams in no time? Well off we go …

It has taken me over a decade and alot of massive personal learning’s, ups and downs to be sharing this wonderful program with you today and all I can say is wow. I feel like this program is not really my creation but rather something which has come through me, through my EXTRAordinary experiences and learnings and will continue to grow and evolve within our EXTRAordinaires community for a long time to come.

You see along the way I have felt I never really fit within the usual corporate coach, business coach, soul coach, spiritual teacher or energy healer role, and my whole life I have wanted to do things differently and I feel “The EXTRAordinaires” is an embodiment of this. It will open your heart and mind to what is possible within your own human potential and takes you beyond the constructs of the physical mind into the wisdom of our soul and beyond.

As you learn to release the limitations which have held you back for so long you awaken a part inside of you that has lay dormant, sometimes for lifetimes, and it is in here that we discover your gifts, your extraordinary genius, your reason for being and so much more. Even though this program has structure I also feel like it will have a beautiful fluidity for each and every one of you who walks its pathway and that rather than a decision to embark on it, it will be a calling from your soul to be a part of something bigger and better in your life and the world. something EXTRAordinary.

My own journey has been led by my inner guidance and I can assure you we always end up with the most perfect and divine coaches and teachers and I really believe this to be true for everyone. You will just know inside as you as you read this if you are ready to make the next 7 months, your time of power, creation, contribution, purpose and positive change.

My dream is this program will create within your life a belonging, a deeper spiritual connection and a knowing that you are part of something very very special, as you step into being and accepting the most EXTRAordinary parts of yourself and through this creating your greatest masterpiece and career… Your Life. You will also get to join a community of people who know they are and you are EXTRAordinary. People who just like you want to make a difference in their life, the lives of their family and the world, and who are ready to step up and create positive change today and every day.

I know it can feel arduous sometimes to change a lifetime worth of patterns and beliefs about who you think you are so you can stand up tall and proud and announce to the world you are here to thrive and ready to live on purpose, which is why we ensure this journey has a massive dose of FUN along the way. It takes you a really long time to decide who you are not, who you “think” you are, in truth you are much greater than all of these beliefs put together. It is my greatest pleasure to be taking this journey with you to uncover the rest of you, the you, you were born to be so you can uncover your deepest understanding of “why am I here?’

I truly believe if you are here today it is because this program is the next step to miraculous change and commitment within your life.

It’s about going within, working your way from the inside, out which really is the most profound way to make long lasting change within your life, business, relationships, health and finding direction and purpose. In a world where our ego desires answers and external goals to attached to our heart and soul knows that is it the journey not the destination we are here to enJOY. In the world of personal development quick fixes can be short lived and as soon as the water gets a bit rocky those pesky noisy thoughts return and try and drag you back under … I believe the more you know yourself inside, your pesky world ending thoughts, the more you are able to love all part of you and in these moments you remind yourself who’s boss and the stillness returns and the natural joy and wonder in your heart expands.

I truly feel that every step of this program aligns wholly and completely with my own core desired feelings of joy, excitement, love, contribution, freedom, creation and gratitude and I can’t wait to step through these and onto this pathway with you.


What can you expect to gain from enrolling in the EXTRAordinaires program?

  • Find clarity on your reason for being, your soul’s true purpose and desired feelings and most importantly guidance on your next steps
  • Awaken inner presence, connection, peace and knowing of your soul’s voice
  • To become a game changer in your own life
  • Release negative self talk and the power it holds over you
  • Design an EXTRAordinary Life Plan to raise your vibration and your life
  • Focused direction for this year and beyond
  • A deeper understanding of your personal strengths and the personality and life path your soul to live through in this life time
  • Discover the basic fear which has held you back from living and creating your dreams
  • Endless tools and techniques to work with in-between sessions to keep the empowerment buzz
  • To be pushed outside your comfort zone to create sustainable, long term positive change
  • An opportunity to know yourself on a much deeper level to create greater satisfaction in all areas of your life
  • Access to our The EXTRordinaires VEP Facebook group to share experiences and learn and grow with each other
  • Seven months of advanced coaching and energy breakthrough sessions
  • Weekly accountability homework, affirmations, exercises and soul coaching tips and tools to keep you focused and moving forward every single day
  • My 100% commitment to your success, enjoyment and fulfilment from the program – and a 100% money back guarantee because I believe in this so innately in the benefits you will gain

What areas of my life can the EXTRAordinaires program support?

  • Awakening Your EXTRAordinary Purpose, Passion and Potential
  • Living an EXTRAordinary Life Everyday
  • EXTRAordinary Relationships
  • EXTRAordinary Empowered Career or Business
  • EXTRAordinary Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spirtual Health

Who would benefit from the EXTRAordinaires program?

  • If you are ready to make crazy, empowered positive change your life but you are not sure how or where to start
  • If you are wanting to make a contribution in the world
  • If you have a burning desire to create an exceptional and extraordinary life everyday
  • If you feel you are at the next stage in your spiritual journey and would like to learn empowering skills you can use everyday to coach yourself and work with energy yourself at home
  • If you feel like you were born with a mystical, magical purpose that is yet to unveil itself
  • If you have tried everything and still feel stuck, overwhelmed, stressed or dissatisfied
  • If you are at a cross roads in your career, relationship or life
  • If you are sick of waking up every day to the same extraordinary dreams and the same old excuses that come with them
  • If inside your heart something is saying, “hell yeah” I am totally ready to walk my pathway and step into my purpose
  • If the combination of intuitive soul coaching, life coaching and advanced energy healing to support your life or business feels exciting to you
  • Or if you just feel called to join in

Why is this different to any other coaching program?

This program is energetic, practical and intuitively tailored for you and your key intentions for the next seven months.

Its structural foundations have been created and guided through my heart and soul bringing together the best of the best of a decade of personal and spiritual development and training, from world renowned spiritual teachers and coaches. All bundled up in a neat and funky little package that will blow your mind and awaken your soul.

And of course the obvious answer this program is unique and different from other programs because I am unique and different from other facilitators, coaches and energy workers and have worked with hundred of clients and crafted my own special art in this field. I will push you when you need pushing, I will hug you when you need a hug, I will challenge you when you get stuck, I will empower you to be free, to take control, to enjoy adventure, to step outside your comfort zone, to make change your new best friend and to know exactly where you want to go, how to get there and with enough confidence to allow the spontaneity and flexibility for miracles to occur.

I am ready and so how do I join in?

Our every special EXTRAordinaires program is limited to 14 selective clients per 7months to ensure you gain the most EXTRAordinary outcomes and guidance along the way. Small empowered groups mean we get you to where you want to go with even greater speed, ease and grace.

Because in my heart I know how powerful this program is I choose to only take this journey with those who are ready to take the leap, to make the change and to create their great right now. This program isn’t for everyone and so to ensure we are the perfect match for each other if you are interested let’s jump on the phone or skype for an chat to discuss if joining forces and getting you on board for our next group mid July 2014 to start in August 2014 is the right next step for you. There are only a few spots remaining and so be sure to book your call soon. The program can be completed in person or via Skype and you will require online access for parts of its completion.

No hidden cost or agenda ….

My passion is to be completely open, honest and authentic with all my clients and so I also expect this in return. If you

And don’t just take my word for it here is some inspiration from one of my mentors to get your mindset in the right place to empower your life ….

Sam Cawthorn