We’re coming to Portland … bigger and brighter than ever, with brand new magnetic and expansive CREATE THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMs surprises.



Let’s come together and DEFY Ordinary as we PRESS PLAY on your greatest, most EXTRAordinary vision and dreams in 2018 …


Welcome to the new year party of all parties as we ready, set, go and kick-start your year with a magnetic manifestation bang. 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11 making manifestation, intention and goal setting this year even more transformative and super-powered.


The challenge arriving with this is that you need to be even more careful and clear around what it is you are wishing for, knowing that every word and thought, conscious or unconscious, you are putting out into your life has the power to manifest, and fast. This is truly one of the key reasons I see for around 85% of new year resolution failing because people aren’t shown how to set themselves up daily for mental, emotional and energetic alignment and success.


This vision board workshop provides you with half a day to tap into the power and wisdom of your soul by not only designing your dream life but also powerfully imprinting positive beliefs associated with these creations into your sub-conscious so in 2018 you choose to finally create amazing abundance and opportunities with even greater ease!


There has been many a whisper around town that 2016 and 2017 were some of the hardest and transformatively growth driven years of our lives. The energetic metaphor being used is that 2016 was the caterpillar being born, crawling through the motions towards metamorphosis and in waiting and preparation for what was to come. 2017 we were in the cocoon, the incubator of change where we began to let go of our old skin. We went deeply within to discover, uncover and dissolve delusions around who we are and what we THINK we want.


Now EXCITINGLY 2018 is time for the butterfly to completely break free. To let go of the boundaries of your comfort zone and rise and fly higher than ever before. I’ve felt it, been through it personally, and professionally supported many brave souls who continue to walk the path of least resistance towards their dreams. This peeling back of the layers, through soulFULL experiences, some painful and some pleasant, was leading us back to the truth of our heart and aligning us with that most divinely liberated, wild and free part of us. The part that is ready in 2018 to throw caution to the wind. To spread your wings and fly as you stop just talking about your greatest life, relationships, career, health and purpose and actually start bringing these dreams and wishes into physical manifestation and form.


STEP one … get out of the way and allow your spirit, heart and soul to support you to design the most soul centred, abundant vision board masterpiece and blueprint which will become your true north, or guiding light for the 2018 and beyond.


SO let’s do it!! Though never again alone … 2018 is also going to be about flying together, supporting each other in our missions and visions through connection, collaboration, kindness, compassionate love, support and the most important daily PLAYfilled action.


To support your metamorphic expansion I am so excited to be offering in their 7th year running my annual Soul Coaching Collage and Vision Board workshop for 2018, and my first ever in Portland, Oregon. This half-day workshop is filled with magic, creativity and mystical discovery. … Every year I’ve run these they book out and no doubt we will pack the house for these ones as well.


Every year I get so excited to receive so many emails from clients who’s visions have all come to manifest wanting to lock in this years dates …. yay for you and your amazing dreams!!!!


If you haven’t attended before vision boards are powerful visualisation and goal setting tools which not only motivate and inspire us to follow our hearts desire. They also activate the universal law of attraction which begins manifesting your dreams into reality…. when added of course with a daily dose of magnetism and action.


In addition, I will be sharing with you the key secret tools I have been playing with over the last decade, and especially the last 2 years to super enhance my manifestation powers.


From the workshop you will:

  • Walk away with a beautiful personalised vision board for 2018
  • Review and celebrate your achievements from 2017
  • Stepping into 2018 with complete trust & faith in your dreams
  • Activate the creative energy to ensure your dreams are aligned with your values and core desires for your life, heart and soul centred visions rather than head driven
  • Discover why or why not certain visions might not have been attained this year and how to ensure next year magic and manifestation become your middle name
  • Enjoy post work this year and the chance to join our super-powered CREATE YOUR GREAT master class to keep you moving forward, fulfilling your accountabilities, examining your fears, dissolving limitations which may get you stuck or stand in your way
  • Enjoy a journey meditation to explore & create our vision for 2018
  • Work with energy, journeying and psych k techniques to imprint your vision into your subconscious
  • Use specific Soul Coaching tools to decipher the hidden messages created within your design
  • Leave you feeling prepared, empowered, motivated and inspired to create an amazing 2018
  • End with some concrete monthly intentions, actions and guidance to smash through any limitations and to get creating even more quickly
  • Reflect, discuss, enJOY and have lots of FUN


In the last couple of years I have worked diligently on my daily magnetism and manifesting skills to create 5 weeks in glorious Europe, selling my home this year for a record amount, manifesting my ideal next apartment with moving in the exact day of settlement. Two all expenses paid 7 day retreats in Mexico with my BFF, a  book deal, an amazing move to NYC into an amazing penthouse apartment overlooking the city, and the opportunity to be a part of two global festivals with over 50,000 participants.


And ill give you a magical head start hint all of these started with an intention … a vision board and daily energetic processes I am going to be sharing with you.



If you are interested BOOK YOUR SPOT by paying via the above link or email kyla@kylatustin.com if you have any questions. After I receive payment via paypal I will email you to confirm your booking as these book out quickly. FYI I usually run at least 4-5 of these and they always book out so if you feel the calling be sure to book in as this year im only planning on two.


When + Where: Sunday 22nd April 2018

Multnomah Arts Center, 7688 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219

Time: 1pm – 4pm


Price $97 early bird / $137 after 1st April: Includes all materials canvas, magazines, inspirational images and much much more to create your masterpiece.





Step One: Pay online or request details. Tickets can be paid for directly through these button above or via direct deposit and so email me for this payment method at connect@kylatustin.com


Step Two: You will be emailed all the details to get you started and to confirm which date you would like to book in for.


Also, if you feel inspired beforehand then definitely collate some photos, pictures or words which relate directly to your dreams for 2018 and bring them along.


I look forward to sharing another amazing year with each of you.

Love Kyla