YAY you made it from your inbox to here, nice work as I know how distracting life can be these days … I am super excited to enjoy our mini wake up happy, to create your greatest life adventure together. I would recommend starting here with this short audio to find a little more about where to begin … simply CLICK HERE to listen to me sharing around your very special gift of love … 



Below you will find the links to your 3 daily audios and meditations to support you to wake up happy and wind down fulfilled. And most importantly welcome in greater levels of love, soul success and magnetic abundance into your life, as we allow ourselves to simply let all the rest go.


Sounds simple enough … well this is where life, and our minds, can get a little tricky …


And so I have a little word of WARNING for you … as you invite in more love, your inner gremlins and past survival patterns and habits will want to protect you and create resistance in the form of very loud, overpowering conversations that sound a little like this.


“I don’t have time, I cant be bothered, let’s start or do it tomorrow, why should I have to self love, no one else has to work as hard as me at this, i’ve tried everything as if this will change anything, ill do it later, I have to do …. first or OH but … is on TV!”


Anyhow you get the picture right … sadly we are taught to put everything and everyone ahead of our own self love wants and desires.  Inevitably this creates a pattern of putting ourselves last, and is lifelong recipe for disaster in all areas of our life from relationships, to dating, to career and business. I should know, I lived it for the first 26 years of my life.



Can we finally agree that today is the day all of this stops?



You see what I now know is that we have a choice in every moment to respond differently.  They way I see it  … you actually don’t have another minute of your life available to waste listening to these voices or doubt and unreason. Your life is a precious gift only you were granted and its time to start enjoying it more, opening up to love in areas o your life, having fun, living like a high valued, highly confident soul, spending time doing what you love, being kinder to yourself and all of this begins by SCHEDULING time to tune in and turn up the love.


As promised two of these audios are less are LESS THAN 3mins, (PLUS you will be getting some other great tools that are 3mins in your inbox soon too). You then have a special more profound meditation that goes for 8mins. Seriously though if you cant CHOOSE to find at least 8minutes a day to spend on yourself, filling yourself with love, happiness and kindness from the inside, out … well you need to email me and we will find you the time. FYI … if you are looking for more time FaceBook, other peoples drama’s, Netflix, YouTube and Stan are a pretty good place to start hehehe.


So enjoy my friend … as mentioned I would recommend scheduling some time over the next few days to listen to each of these recordings individually. Then choose one that you are going to commit to for the coming week (and ill be back in touch before then with a new challenge). This one simple daily act of self love is a constant reminder to all parts of you, including your gremlins, that its time for your self love muscle to grow as you give yourself permission to step into MORE happiness and LOVE in all areas of your life. And then you will effortlessly become MAGNETIC to the life and relationships you desire.


I am so immensely grateful to share this adventure with you and will be in touch soon with a couple more tips and to check in on how things are going. Immense love, Kyla xx


PS … and if you are enjoying these mediation journeys and feel the great awakening within to continue turning up the love in your life be sure to jump over and join in our next Wake Up Happy Event. Click here or the image below to find out more .. 



These audios and LOVEtivities will arrive via Amazon3 and so you should be able to simply click them on any device and they will play. Alternatively you can right click them to download and save onto your computer for instant access always.


Your WAKE UP HAPPY Turn UP The Love Energy Activation Meditation (8mins) –  A soul journey to reduce stress, calm the mind and awaken more love from the inside, out



Your WAKE UP HAPPY Start Your Day Right Morning Energy Activation & Meditation (3min) – Prepare yourself for a day filled with greater levels of self love, success and abundance by breathing, aligning your energy and waking up right. The way we start our day is the way we often experience and end it.


WAKE UP HAPPY End your Day with Love Energy Activation & Meditation (4mins) – Let go of your day, relax into sleep and fill yourself full of love


CELEBRATE YOUR GREAT everyday and Wake Up Happy by taking time to celebrate you, your life, your EXTRAordinary moments and allow your optimism levels to soar. FYI this one activity which can literally take less than 3mins in full presence has been proven to increase happy levels by up to 60% in 2weeks.



NOW if you enJOYed these little treats and are you ready to totally transform your life and relationships from the inside, out … then check out Turn Up the Love, I just know you are going to LOVE it xx