Thank you so much for arriving here today and gifting yourself this precious time and beginning the journey with me to acknowledging and accepting that you are, have always been and will forever be enough RIGHT NOW.  Both, Chloe and I are dedicated to our mission of breaking this cycle of disempowerment that is flooding our world and in its place create a kinder humanity.


What we have both discovered through own journeys is that this has to start within. Yes, before we could support you, firstly we had to start by BEing kinder, more loving and more accepting of ourselves, and excitingly now that this has finally anchored, we can share this magical energy with you, and the rest of the world. And FYI if we can both do it, and take ourselves from the worlds of escapism, self loathing, hypercriticality, stressed out investment banking, media and film control freaks to a completely and utterly self loving, life affirming, freedom seeking adventurers and believers in the magic, we assure you anyone can do it.


We LOVE celebrating and honouring that you have given yourself this gift of discovering how to EXPRESS yourself and so this very magical page you will find everything you need for the workshop PLUS 3 very very special energy activations and meditations to get you started on your Press Play adventure of a lifetime, plus an introduction video to get you started.


WHERE: We are holding the workshop at Soul to Soul, Suite 4, 6-7 Gurrigal St Mosman NSW 2088.



  • We will be commencing at 10am. So if you could arrive by 9:50am so we can get settled and started on time, that would be amazing.


  • FYI we will be beginning the day with a big beautiful intention setting process and so if for any reason you know you need to arrive late let me know prior and I will email you something to do beforehand.


  • We will be aiming to finish up around 4pm; I am a big believer in honouring your time however please allow a little flexibility for magic to occur as it may


What to bring:

  • We will be stopping for a short lunch break in the middle of the day, so feel free to bring along your own lunch, or there are lots of cafe’s around Mosman open on Saturdays.


  • Something which EXPRESSes something unique about you, a part of you, you would like to IGNITE even more freely in the world e.g. a book, a picture, a dream business idea, a word, an image, an object, a crystal, an ornament, a song. FYI you can’t get this wrong.


What will be provided:

  • Morning tea with tea and coffee to keep our bellies happy as we create. If you have some favourites and prefer to bring your own snacks, drinks etc. to get you through the day, you are also more than welcome.


  • Everything you need to DISCOVER how to confidently EXPRESS yourself as you in the world.


  • A crystal gift to pump up the energy of your visioning on the day and when you get home


  • Endless joy and fun with soulful activities and soulutions to take us deeper and deeper into our creative energy and manifestation flow


Parking / Transport:

Our entrance is actually just around the corner form the front of the building in Nathan Lane and there is 2hour parking on the streets nearby or we are also about 5mins from the main Mosman Junction bus stop too. There is lots of free on street parking around us and on Saturdays most of it is only 2hour until midday which makes it perfect timing for us. Otherwise if you go to the nearby carpark or need to move your car at lunch there will be plenty of time.




Now as a recommendation I would do these a day a part and in the order I have provided them to you below … so firstly this will mean you definitely need to schedule in the time. And don’t worry if you don’t get to them all before our workshop, all is always perfect and divine.


What I know for sure is that for so many people their ordinary, day to day life, can get in the way to their greatest, most EXTRAordinary dreams. Also these are your usual everyday meditations, within them is super powered energy to start shifting what you believe, and the lens you see yourself through, from the inside, out. What this means is take the time to make listening to these sacred, maybe light a candle and turn everything from the outside world off, and know that you are totally worthy and deserving of this magical moment just for you.


Its like there’s a sneaky gremlin inside of us all who actually loves the comfort zone of your current limitations and every time you go to expand beyond these he or she starts screaming and sabotaging your success.  NOT on my watch … we are here to change this relationship with your inner world forEVER and it starts by acknowledging and accepting that you are, have always been and will forever be ENOUGH!!



STEP ONE: An introduction into what to expect …



STEP Two: Listen to this believing YOU ARE ENOUGH energy activation and meditation



Step Three: one day after YOU ARE ENOUGH schedule time to listen to this HE IS ENOUGH energy activation and meditation to increase the flow of trust, appreciation and gratitude for your inner masculine and the amazing men in your life. 



Step Four: one day after HES IS ENOUGH listen to this RAISE AND PRAISE energy activation and meditation to welcome greater levels of collaboration, trust, kindness and love into the world and your connections.



Step Five: Continue to practice daily BEcoming and BElieving you are enough everyday.  Celebrate your great and be kinder in your thoughts, words and actions towards yourself. Then come back and listen to these activations whenever your heart calls and on the days when your cup feels full start to ripple even greater levels of love and kindness out into the world through who you are BEing.