So what’s coming up 2018 ….


One of my greatest joys is providing a space, for people to dive a little deeper, connect a little more openly and most of all break free and PLAY. I am always coming up with fun, new and creative ways to engage our inner senses and awaken our EXTRAordinary and so if you haven’t signed up to receive info on my upcoming events around town then be sure to “JUMP on over here” so you are one of the first VEP (Very EXTRAordinary People to find out).


Kyla is also currently setting herself up to end 2017 on a global roadshow bringing Soul Coaching, VisionBoarding and so much more to the USA, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa … to do this she is taking a little time out to magnetically design the trip … once all is set in crystal (hehehe not stone) everything will be on this page.



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