Are you ready to really LIVE, LOVE and LEAD an EXTRAordinary life everyday? 

Kyla Tustin, Soul Coach

Do you get the feeling already we are in for the ride of YOUR life??? 

Well how very perceptive of you …. so lets get going as we would hate the greatest show of your life to start without you!!




But before we get down to business, I hope its ok that there are a couple of special + fun experiences I would like us to go through to ensure we are both on the same page and vibration to truly transform xxx


Act One: Lets take a deep, deep breath together and affirm our below “EXTRAordinary Empowerment Manifesto” with passion, power and a lot of pizzaz:




OK now we are all super powered up …


Heres just a few of the jaw dropping, heart popping, fear crushing desires and outcomes you will create on our amazing journey together …


Experience, expand and evolve beyond what you think is possible in your life

Fall in LOVE with yourself and be excited by life again

Reclaim your power and never let it go again

Break the cycle of disempowerment that holds you back from being abundant, happy and free

Embrace your shadow and radiate your shine

Disrupt doubt to awaken your creative genius

Let go of the story that keeps you trapped

Take back control of your life and the direction you are heading

Find your true voice and ensure the world hears it

Welcome the genius within your amazing crazy

Add bright colour to your days and magic to your nights.

Be reminded what play, happiness, fun and mystery feels like

Kick the doubters to the curb and find yourself a new EXTRAordinary crew

Realise the idea of “perfect” was made up by media and psychologists to keep you small, limited and buying their products

Learn to believe in yourself, believe in your vision, believe you matter

Discover your purpose, greatest passion, your WHY with the skills to fight for the creation of your dreams every day

Uncover the power of manifestation already within you

Step into the leader you know you were born to be

Get clear on your “A” game and how to bring it everyday

Tap into the uninhibited, unlimited power of your soul

Illuminate: rejuvenate, elevate, activate, radiate to create your great


Are you ready …. ?????

Then Welcome aboard …


Making this commitment to step up by BEing here today and reading this actually tells me, and the universe filled with loving manifestation abundance that you are ready to step up and into full blown, soul fulfilling empowerment. You are ready to discover and acknowledge that you do not require perfection, normal or external validation in order to recognize you are loved, loveable and have much to create and offer in this world, you are already enough.


28 Days of Soul is based on the deep knowing and acceptance of all that you are, and all that you are BEcoming. Working and playing with your strengths, virtues, values, embracing your shadow, radiating your shine and being loving, encouraging, kind and compassionate of all that you are and perceive in the world.


Our journey together will tap into the eternal, uninhibited, unlimited, fearless power of who you were truly born to be.


Empowering Words of Kindness:  “I could not have desired for myself such an incredible outcome as what the 28 days of soul coaching has given me. Not only has it fine tuned my focus, clarity and the direction I was missing but it highlighted for me desires and intentions that I had long forgotten were important to me and all under the amazing guidance of Kyla Tustin and her beautiful soul.” Marina, Sales Consultant.


As we pause, breathe, play and reflect together this experience will open you up to the creative energy that flows abundantly through all of life and through you. It will take deep commitment, preparation, willingness and openness so that you feel strong and brave within your own self love, soul love and acceptance as we learn to hold acceptance for all of life and everyone in it.


As you fully embrace this experience holding yourself truly, madly, deeply in honour and awe of all that you are. All judgment, fear and doubt will dissolve away and you will know yourself to be powerful, sacred and EXTRAordinary already.


And once this doorway is passed you will be invited to enter the gates and pure potential of who you were born to be and you will step into BEcoming the teacher and leader within and ripple the energy of The Empowerment Evolution out into your life and the world. In this stage we dive even deeper to own and embrace your sacred warrior as you step even more fully onto your path of “SoulPowerment and Purpose.” And you will then get invited to join the crew rebelling against all judgment, injustice, conformity and fear in the world to inspire even more creativity, play and unconditional trust and love in the world, from the inside, out.


What I have found is that unless you remember what the fullness of your true power and empowered self feels like, then stepping onto your path of purpose too soon can be really confusing, and often means we end up giving up and often running in the total opposite direction.


soul coachingRWhat is 28 Days of Soul you may ask?? To be completely honest without this program I may still be sitting in my investment banking office, looking out the window wishing my life was different but not knowing what to do or how to do it. As soon as I was introduced to Soul Coaching® and Denise Linn I knew this was my calling and it was like I was put on the earth to be a soul coach and for some strange reason my career advisors forgot to tell me this at school.


Before awakening to this knowing that there is more to life than meets the eye I never knew what is was to feel truly alive, connected and deeply fulfilled. The more I chased goals outside of myself through more and more status and money, the more I felt more and more stressed, sad, lonely and unsure of myself. That is until, I jumped ship and stepped into the world of empowered self love, enrichment and knowing who and what I really desired.


After arriving back after 7months overseas the thought of setting up my own business and following my greatest passion of being a soul coach seemed like a bit of a stretch … until we all got together and took the 28 Day Soul Coaching® program. From Day 1 I was hooked and by Day 28 I knew that all that I dreamed of was possible, probable and that I was going to prove everyone wrong who said I was CRAZY (yep tip one LOVE your crazy) to start a coaching and healing business in the middle of the GFC.

And for me now its pretty simple really …


More Love + Joy + Self Empowerment = More Love + Joy + Self Empowerment


the alternate to this which was my reality ..


More Fear + Doubt + Self Judgment = More Fear + Doubt + Self Judgment


And the amazing this is that Soul Coaching® is our roadmap, strategy, alchemical transformational formula and a step by step guide to giving us more love, joy and self empowerment  … I know this not only because its has changed my entire life, but because it has also completely transformed thousands of clients lives all over the globe. Sometimes in meditation I sit in awe and gratitude as I imagine all the bright, sparkly souls who have embarked on this program sprinkling their bliss, love and joy into the world and the powerful ripple impact this is having on shifting our world from fear to love, from judgment to acceptance and this makes me feel so blessed.


Empowering Words of Kindness: “I chose to embark on the Soul Coaching course with Kyla as part of a year off after an Investment Banking career of a decade. What better way to remember my core values and latent talents which I’d forgotten while pursuing a corporate existence! The month format of the course with Kyla accelerated some exciting changes in my life – I now feel I have the confidence to pursue a viable writing career and my passion for horses is now a part-time job as well! I can strongly recommend the course with Kyla as a gentle and supportive facilitator who tailors responses to the individual and the group – it’s fun and life-changing.” Stephanie, Author, Double Bay


Ok now back to you though … I know some of you live far, far away and others have budget constants and so we have two very amazing ways we can embark on this experience together in the coming months. FYI at the moment one on one Soul Coaching® for clients is only available to existing clients however if you get a soulful gut yearning that this is the only way for you then lets connect and shoot me a message and we can chat about getting you on the wait list. As I truly believe when it is our soul’s calling the doors open up at just the right time.


I’ve never been more ready to fly …. let me know how to apply …

28 Day Soul Coaching, Kyla Tustin


Over the years I have been blessed to take so many clients through this 28 Day journey and have made, and continue to make special “Kyla” empowerment additions to this already amazing program.


Empowering Words of Kindness: “Love taking the 28 day program and recommend it as a way to reconnect. I like the flexibility of a variety of levels of commitment depending on time available that day and always enjoy the guided mediations. If you’re thinking of doing this program, just do it! It’s especially fun with a group to help accountability.” Kristina, Empowered Educator, ISOMOTION


I am now very excited to offer the program from the comfort of your own home and in a powerful group setting … but with all the frills, whistles and glitter of me, and all the empowering souls doing it with you, being right there with you, energetically and soulfully supporting you every step of the way.


No matter which way you embark on the program it actually starts to energetically and alchemically begins to transform your from the inside, out from the first moment you commit and you will find magical empowerment and life changing miracles begin to occur.


Then once we have completed this stage one of the journey together the next doors to Stage Two of our Empowerment Evolution will open up. I just don’t like to ruin the surprise and so only give access to these special advanced pathways to those committed peeps who have journeyed with me through the 28 Days of Soul.

Your 28 Day Soul Coaching® Program is a decluttering and reconnection of your mental, emotional, physical and spirutal life. You will rediscover your past, present and future to determine who it is you truly want to be and how you can create this.


As your Soul Coach, I will personally guide you through your transformation with support and ease and provide you with support throughout to ensure your soul journey takes you exactly where you need to flow.


You will explore and declutter your mental (Air), spiritual (Fire), emotional (Water) and physical (Earth ) aspects to create the awakening you desire in your life.


Throughout the program you are provided with daily meditations, affirmations and easy to follow materials for each day. You will have online access to me via email and the option of one on one Skype sessions (for an additional charge) to review any challenges, breakthroughs, and miraculous ‘a-ha’ moments, and those embarking on it in person will get to enjoy powerful weekly group energy get togethers.

The program has been created with ‘busy’ people in mind and allows for varied levels of commitment which will not detract from your successes.


Empowering Words of Kindness: “My day to day exists in a very corporate world of lawyers, accountants, high-rises, meeting and more meetings. To take a month and re-connect every day with the elements of nature around me, and deeply with myself was an amazing experience. The re-fleshing clarity that came to me as quickly as a few days into the program was a sensational experience, I started to take time and feel genuine joy and happiness in, at times very simple moments. All the old negative thoughts of people or experiences I was carrying around have dissolved away and I feel a complete sense of freedom. There are not many people you say were born to do what they do but Kyla was!” Kylie, Client Trainer, Bondi.


The most important part, together we are going to guide you inwards, we are going to support you to stop looking outside of yourself for happiness. love, acknowledgment and appreciations ….and we are going to step up and onto your pathway of greatness. Get yourself ready to live a life filled with satisfaction, happiness and fist pumping “hell yeah’s” with simple, yet deeply mystical and profound strategies to awaken and live your most EXTRAordinary every single day ….


Heres what you get by us transforming your life together …


  • The kindest, most heart pumping, truth revealing, life enthusiast friend you will ever meet
  • Playful inspiration, profound clarity and unique ways to awaken your unique
  • EXTRAordinary and move past everything and anything that has previously stood in your way
  • To rewrite your script and step onto the pathway to creating your greatest life, and masterpiece everyday
  • Practical spirituality and life tools at their most profound, soulful and intuitive level … through me, and as you will learn to develop your own
  • Quick and powerful soulutions, soulutions, soulutions … we don’t dwell on problems, blame or excuses in our time together its all about moving you into fast paced transformation
  • Authentic and powerful confidence and enthusiasm for life
  • Clarity, clarity, clarity
  • Whatever you desire, because this is your journey and only you know what you REALLY want ….
  • Discover who you are, why you’re here, what your mission is and take action
  • Declutter and heal your life, home, mind, body and soul
  • Experience living life at a peaceful and moderate pace while achieving more
  • Learn to love yourself
  • Rejuvenate your energy
  • Break old habits and confront your fears
  • Remove the stress, struggle and distractions in your life
  • Experience the positive effects of meditation and affirmations
  • Practice what it feels like to commit to 20mins a day just for you


Your 28 Day Soul Coaching® Program is dedicated to the clearing and cleansing of all aspects of you and your life, so you are free to uncover your authentic self, and live your life filled with joy and freedom without even having to leave your house.


Each journey is unique and will take you exactly where you need to go to enable the most positive transformation for you and your intention for change. As you learn to accept every part of who you are, you will open your life to the joy and wonder of your heart and soul … and miracles really will occur.


Empowering Words of Kindness: “I found the 28 day soul coaching program wonderful way to really focus on my spiritual life on a daily basis. Making it a priority each day was so rewarding on many levels.” Jemima, Team Leader, Sydney’s Northern Beaches


Heres exactly what your 28 Day Soul Coaching life transforming program looks like ….


Pre- Mission Introduction to the program: Prior to starting the 28 days we will take some time to introduce you to the the Four Elements of Nature, how they relate to your life and where your Soul Coaching® journey is going to take you. In this part you will begin by setting very clear soul centred, heart driven intentions around your desired destination to ensure your soul is in the drivers seat of your life and knows exactly where you are heading.


Once you make this initial commitment to yourself, your soul and your life it truly is like a powerful, magical, manifestation mojo kicks in and miracles begin to occur.


Week 1 – Air Week: Enrich Your Mind – This week is all about mindset mastery and awakening fresh, aligned, clarity by creating new neural pathways to authentic and positive ways to being and thinking. You will free your Mental Self by releasing clutter and allowing inspiration, new beginnings and transformation into your life


Week 2 – Water Week: Elevate Your Mood – This week is all about freeing you from stale, stuck and old emotions, like guilt, shame, regret and judgment, which limit you ability to create the life of your dreams and fly into freedom. You will cleanse and detoxify your Emotional Self by going within to heal, nurture and learn to let go


Week 3 – Fire Week: Illuminate Your Spirit – This week is all about tapping into the infinite wisdom that already lies inside of you, feeding the seed of potential you were born to be and owning all the unique talents, gifts and strengths of your spirit. You will purify your Spiritual Self by embracing risk taking, courage and strength into your life and letting go of any conditioning around soaring in abundance with your spirit.


Week 4 – Earth Week: Embrace Your Body – This week is all about learning to love yourself, and your body, as the temple and template it is and allowing all body image illusions, judgements and fears to be cleared and released. You will embark on a rebirthing of your Physical Self through growth, grounding and connectedness.


Final Week – Radiate Your Soul with Your Quest – Is an opportunity to reflect and allow the gratitude of your journey to awaken as you spend some time reviewing your amazing journey and deciding where to next ….


Bonus One: How to get unstuck video to support you along the way


Bonus Two: Stepping into BEing EXTRAordinary – your essential post soul coaching guide to owning your EXTRAordinariness


Bonus Three: The 7 keys to transform your life manifesto


Bonus Four: Your ultimate cheat sheet to lead and live happiness now


Bonus Five: Access to my e-book chapter “Awakening Your Light” in Soul Whispers III


Bonus Six: Choose Happiness – your guide to doubling your happiness in just 2 weeks


Our next, new and improved powerful group program of, 28 Days of Soul commences on 09.02.2015 Our in person group program is limited to 7 people and so if your soul is calling you be sure to  sign up and pay ASAP, and for online by the 03.02.2015 (no late registrations accepted).


Empowering Words of Kindness: “Following the 28 day soul journey with Kyla has been a beautiful and transformative experience. It allowed me to investigate areas of my life that I had previously thought I had defined but that I realised needed further work. The 28 day soul coaching journey allowed me to understand myself better and identify ways to move myself towards greater inner and outer happiness and awareness. Kyla is a wonderful and gifted intuitive teacher and healer who was available and ready to support me at any time during this journey. This journey gives you a refreshed perspective on your life, purpose and being. It is a beautiful experience that everyone owes themselves. Thank you!” Kellie, Events Marketing Manager, Randwick.


After this journey you will have taken back the drivers seat and will be ready for the most jaw dropping, heart pumping, excitement filled ride of your life!!!! The destination, the beauty of this … you get to choose!! With of course some added enJOYment and recommendations from my own journey though bliss, self love, confidence, purpose, clarity, energy, excitement and breaking free… and of course EXTRAordinary Empowerment.


Ive never been more ready to fly …. let me know how to apply …

 28 Day Soul Coaching, Kyla Tustin


It is already an honour to be here with you today and I can’t wait to take the next stage of the journey together. Immense love, gratitude and joyous soul filled hugs to you, Kyla xx


PS. As well as the 28 Day Soul Coaching® Program, which can be experienced with me in an intimate group setting or online, I run my weekly “The Sacred Circle” Sessions and am always traveling around offering exciting new workshops and events, and so be sure to check out my events page.