Welcome, welcome, welcome again to our amazing journey of 40 Days of Divine Magnetism.

I am so very excited to be taking this journey with you as we delve, truly, madly, deeply into your greatest intention, dream and desire for the next stage and phase of your life.  This program is designed to align you more fully with the flow of magnetism, abundance and manifestation in your life, while also loving the life that you have right now. We will do this by tapping into this innate potential already inside of you, gaining clarity and wisdom and dissolving any limitations and obstacles which may have held you back in the past. And most importantly reinvigorating the faith and trust you have for yourself and your divine mission, purpose and soul journey on this earth.

I believe true transformation arrives after you peel off the layers of all that you think you are, and unveil the most divine sovereignty of all that you were born to be. This journey will not be the same everyday, some days will be upbeat, playful and light and others will have us delving more deeply into our powerfully magical shadow so that you can embrace of our powers and all that you are in full unity. Living in partnership with your love, your light and your shadow is when the greatest exploration and abundance of all experiences in life arrives.

So lets begin shall we  …


STEP ONE – Intention Setting

If you haven’t already personally sent me your intention for our journey together then please ensure you email it to me a kyla@kylatustin.com …

Your number one focused dream or desire for this year + in particular the next 40 days; and with this adding a statement of “who you need to BE to create this dream come true.”

I’ll give you an example … Imagine your dream might be to become a published author and travel the world rippling pure unconditional love into the hearts, minds and souls of all you meet. Well then; who would you need to be, and become, to create this …. I am focused on my mission, confident in my uniqueness and open everyday to dedicating time for the creative energy of my divine soul to flow through me. I meditate and move daily to connect with my body and soul. I consume healthy fuel for my body and take time for a balance of action/yang and rest/yin.

The one fear, memory, belief, attitude or thought that gets in the way, or has previously STOPPED you from taking action towards your dream or continuing with commitments for yourself. 

For example  …Because I was bullied as a kid for just being myself, by my sister and a girl at school if i step out into the world fully as me and share what I believe I will be judged, ridiculed, bullied and teased. This will make me feel sad, isolated and like I dont belong, so its easier to stay small, not write my book and continue to put everyone else’s needs and dreams above my own. 

WHY is this so important for our journey?

Sharing is caring of course, and also as you powerfully write down your intention and send it to me this will anchor it more fully into your awareness. Also for each group I place your intentions into a magical orb of magnetism energy and continually fill it up with more energy throughout the program. PLUS as you can see above I place them into my powerful “wish jar” filled with crystals, manifestation mojo and lots of other powerful alchemical magic to support your wish come true, and through out journey together and would hate you to miss this powerful group energy creation.

Step Two – Daily Playtivities + Inspirations

Now as we go through the next 40 Days how much time and energy you spend on these activities is completely up to you, and how much you truly, madly, deeply desire your dreams to manifest.


Some days I might send through activities that take a little longer, some days shorter and which parts you enjoy are completely up to you. TRUST yourself through this. ” Remember quality is much more important than quantity in the world of manifestation, abundance and BEcoming a magnet. And if its your ego telling you, you have to DO more and work harder at this, then that definitely not the voice we want to be listening to, however also be very very aware of if and WHEN distraction, sabotage, doubt or fear is coming in and in these moments “commit even more fully to honouring yourself and your intentions.

Our group intentions for the next 40 days together also include trusting; allowing; flowing; magnetising and then rising into to action with complete faith that wherever you end up is exactly where you need to BE. And its all happening anyway and already. The first few weeks are about sewing, planting, nourishing and fertilising your dreams and potential before we flow through the rest of the cycle.

Where you do start TODAY …

Below you will find the buttons that link you to the Acts that we are going through and everything you need to follow the pathway.

So if you have arrived here on Day 1 you would click on ACT ONE button below and listen to the audio for Day One. Then you would download your checklist + journal and might like to save to your phone the affirmation image for the day to continue to inspire you throughout.

In addition you will be receiving all of the links etc. to all of this information in your inbox daily and so there is no way you will miss it. And of course any questions, or if you are facing any technical hurdles along the way, be sure to CONNECT and let me support.

OK then … off we go into the magical world of divine magnetism where everything, anything and the impossible becomes truly, madly, deeply your life xxx

PS. And if you find yourself giving up, not following through, stopping, feeling stuck, observing resistance or NOT moving forward throughout the 40 Days and are not sure why, or how to move forward and this is a pattern in your life, then I recommend booking in a 30 min Fearless Focus session and together with Kyla, you will dissolve this distraction, sabotage or block immediately for you.

Kyla Tustin, Speaker and Soul Coach

Enjoy the magic, become the magic and expect miracles in every moment.

Immense love until tomorrow, Kyla xx