Welcome, welcome, welcome again to our amazing journey of 40 Days of Divine Magnetism.

Where you do start TODAY …

Below you will find the buttons that link you to the Acts that we are going through and everything you need to follow the pathway.

So if you have arrived here on Day 1 you would click on ACT ONE button below and listen to the audio for Day One. Then you would download your checklist + journal and might like to save to your phone the affirmation image for the day to continue to inspire you throughout.

In addition you will be receiving all of the links etc. to all of this information in your inbox daily and so there is no way you will miss it. And of course any questions, or if you are facing any technical hurdles along the way, be sure to CONNECT and let me support.

OK then … off we go into the magical world of divine magnetism where everything, anything and the impossible becomes truly, madly, deeply your life xxx


Enjoy the magic, become the magic and expect miracles in every moment.

Immense love until tomorrow, Kyla xx