Welcome To Act Three Of 40 Days Of Divine Magnetism –

Days 27 – 40

It super exciting to be flowing into the gifts of days 27-40 together here, our final ACT. In this stage we are going to move from the PLANT stage of our fruit of life into the full cycle.

This will mean we are going deeper energetically, emotionally, physically and we are going to transform any fears, doubts, concerns, resistance to simply BEing magnetism and attracting all that your heart + soul desires along the way. The stage is set … and everything you need is within you, and below to follow and continue the journey.

Guidance for ACT 3

To complete this ACT of the journey you need to:

  • PRINTED the Checklist
  • PRINTED the BEcoming the Magnet Your were Born to Be Journal below + follow the instructions. This includes a space for nighttime journaling in this Act.
  • Listen to the daily audio according to the day you are up to and follow the instructions within
  • Save the Daily Affirmation Image to your phone or PC wallpaper to keep you inspired or even print it and place it up somewhere you can see it.


Here you will find the Checklist for the next 13 days of our journey together … I would recommend that you to print this out to keep you accountable every step of the way. Remember, as you move into Act 3 the final stage we need you in full accountability mode as this is when we are tapping into the deepest transformation, activations and attunements for our journey together. Take a deep breath and ready, set, off we GO.

Consistency + accountability are going to be key on our 40 Days together … what this doesn’t mean is that if you miss a day, you give up completely. What is does mean, is that we BE our best and with this DO our best. The easiest way though is to  schedule in time for our activities together and choose the best time of day for you, to prevent forgetting, overwhelm, distractions and anything that might get in the way of your awesomeness.

magical checklist-3

Your Journal

Print this and follow the instructions within …

40 Days of Divine Magnetism ACT3

Audios + Meditations

Day 27 – ENVISION your VAK to the future

Day 28 – ENVISION journeying within

Day 29 – ENVISION anchoring your desires + being supported by the whole of existence

Day 30 – Grounding + Anchoring to Create

Day 31 – Create Your Own Equilibrium Flow

Day 32 – BEcoming Creation

Day 33 – Allow Life to Flow

Day 34 – Permission Granted

Day 35 – Magnetism is my new way of BEing

Day 36 – Trusting Your Divine

Day 37 – Stepping into Your Divine Partnership

Day 38 – Meeting the Soul of Your Dreams

Day 39 – Look Up + Rise Higher

Day 40 – Complete Magnetism

Affirmations + Inspirations

Looking for ACT One + Two ….

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