Where in your life do you hold yourself back from living, loving, leading & expressing yourself confidently … as you??



Is it in love, friendships, at work … or all of these areas because you’ve totally lost touch with who this true, authentic YOU even is. Covering yourself up with layers of self loathing, critcism, judgment, doubt, cruelty and outright meanness …


Imagine what could be different if you woke up tomorrow … feeling totally LIBERATED. Free to express yourself, in all moments, sharing openly, honestly, and confidently what you truly think and feel …


Empowered to own your uniqueness and creative purpose in the world, and free to tap into the greatest ways of expressing YOU, from the inside, out.


Discovering along the way how to own, know, believe, trust and feel you are also enough RIGHT NOW!


Firstly though … lets celebrate that you are self aware enough to know you have been holding yourself back. Potentially even sabotaging yourself from manifesting the one dream in your life your heart is crying out for you to receive …YAY YOU!!!



Now we’ve celebrated this part though its time to say ENOUGH is ENOUGH because you are, have always been, and will forever, BE enough …and its time to start believing, actioning and living from this place. To take the first step to valuing you and investing in a day dedicated to reigniting the you, you were born to BE. Notice we didn’t say the you, you were born to DO.


Yes, as you ENTER … our EXPRESS YOURSELF with confidence playground along this adventure you will begin to discover how to live the most loving, playful, joyous time of your life BEing you everyday because you will unveil the real you, to you.


The most passionate, liberated … wild, free, and excited by life you, you’ve ever met.


  • no longer care what anyone else thinks. Sure you will care for others by being super kind, compassionate and curious, and therefore able to build the most phenomenal relationships with them. It will just be in new ways, free from paralysing fear and doubt, with your heart, and expressed self, living free and open.
  • discover ways to rise and fly in joy every day because you know you are worth deeply loving, and soaking in, every divine minute of the gift of your life.
  • be handed the keys to grandest castle of true presence, self awareness and an “A Game Attitude” to creating your greatest life everyday, while accepting all that is amazing already. 
  • create the exact steps and methodology, uniquely designed for you to press play on and follow everyday to gain and sustain your energy and potential at an all time high.


  • live with your heart open, your smile wide and the opportunities you need to BEcome the  creator of the most soulFULLY successful and magnetically abundant life only you were born to live.
Ok then … enough talking about it, its already happening, so lets just do it, or BE it … its now time to finally to take action. Inaction at this moment in time, will ensure you, and your life stay exactly where it is right now, you see we cant change without a little discomfort of stepping outside our comfort zone. 


Action though will ensure you make the final 6months of 2017 your greatest yet and finally have you sipping your NYE champagne, or green juice, with something truly magical and divine to celebrate.



YOU … and the freaking amazing life you’ve created.


So firstly lets LOCK this in your diary ….

DATE: Wednesday 26th July

TIME: 7pm – 9pm




Now lets BOOK YOU in …


PRESS PLAY by booking in below and giving yourself this gift of FREEDOM today!!




WHO are we and HOW do we KNOW all this is possible …



Chloe and Kyla have been where you are. Both born as highly intuitive sensitive souls they chose to adventure in this lifetime into some of the harshest, most rejection filled, unknown territories of our ordinary world … including investment banking, media, film and acting. Worlds infused with fear, competition, criticism, self loathing and sooo much not enoughness,


Gifted also with this unique, innate inner super powered knowing that they were both here to make, shake, rattle & roll this earth back into LOVE, they magically took the steps to individually transform their lives, to wake up and return to who they were born to BE. They chose to step away from the escapism of excessive drugs, alcohol, drama and empty unfulfilling jobs, and relationships, to realign with their unique creative sparks.


It was through this adventure their souls magically brought them together and the moment their paths aligned they knew instinctively this soul sister bond was love at first sight, and that together they would, and WILL, transform the lives of all those who join their path.


On the other side of living shut down, burnt out, depressed, anxious, repressed, suprressed and unexpressed they now freely and happily live life fully liberated and alive. Currently travelling between Sydney, NYC, Paris and anywhere else their heart lead, they share their unique steps and SOULutions with the world so you too can feel the freedom of the other side of living believing you are flawed, not enough, and therefore unable to manifest all that the universe wants to deliver to your doorstep.


Professionally speaking … which BTW we do alot of … Chloe and Kyla are International Performance, Confidence and Soul Coaches and Facilitators of Transformation. Together they have supported thousands of workshop participants, actors, creatives and companies such as Apple Inc, Canon, Disney, Volkswagen, Blackmores, CBA, BNP Paribas, David Jones to live, love and lead liberated and EXPRESSed. Plus they have worked with hundreds of 1-on-1 clients, supporting them to manifest their dream business, creative endeavour, team and/or life, by taking ownership for the presence, essence, mood and mindset they bring day to day. By bringing back the wonder, hope, faith, magic and kindness of life and most importantly celebrating who they were born to be and EXPRESSing themselves from here. And #tag you’re IT … yep you’re next.


We believe if you are here today, you have been divinely guided here so now you have a CHOICE. Change your levels of love, confidence, joy, happiness, empowerment, resilience and all the good juju in life and remember that you are worth clicking the button below and booking your spot OR STAY THE SAME …


You get to choose to arrive at the end of 2017 and be totally bummed that you didn’t dive right in, or to take a divine leap of faith on the YOU, you know is calling to step out into the world and shout “Im here, I’m ready, watch me rise and fly.”


And we assure you, there will never be a better time than today to start the CHANGE … and once you jump ON BOARD this LOVE adventure you will have two of the worlds greatest raving fans by your side. PLUS a community of over 33k empowered souls cheering you on and creating a life they love with you every single day.



WE KNOW + BELIEVE  … it’s time … it’s already happening … so let’s move you forward into action with confidence xx




In our time together you will:

  • Uncover the root cause to all your sabotaging blocks, fears, doubts, regrets, disappointments and discontent, in a gentle, playful and loving way. No rah rah yelling screaming, smashing, force in our playground, unless of course this is the way you want to EXPRESS yourself, then go right ahead. Kyla personally loves a good scream 🙂
  • Design a simple to implement 5min daily methodology and mantra unique to your unique soul expression in this lifetime. Which will have you waking HAPPY, in live with yourself and your life and unbelievably WILD and FREE in every moment.


  • Learn how to TRUST yourself in the moment and express yourself from this place
  • CONNECT with yourself and an amazing group of souls as you have a day filled with laughs, a-ha’s and so much PLAYful fun …



OK now truly anymore information on this page now will only OVERWHELM that divine magical mind of yours and have your ego convicing you WHY you can’t come to this!!


It will sound a little like this … you don’t have the time, the money, the date doesn’t work, other peoples priorities are more important, its going to be too outside your comfort zone, what if you have to talk to a stranger, in front of the group (which we assure you won’t unless you want to). Or its too far to travel, you can’t get a babysitter, its your partners day off, your car needs servicing, you need another handbag or dress to make you feel good about yourself for about a minute, you have yet another night out planned where you will spend way more than this on drinks, maybe you just don’t know what to wear .. or who knows your mum might even be making a lamb roast 🙂


…don’t worry we’ve said, used and heard them all …


We just no longer let them STOP us taking ACTION. Everyday we keep going, we take massive LEAPS of faith, sure we’re not saying it isn’t scary. Hell, we get it, Kyla just moved to NYC this year on a heartfelt calling and CHLOE decided to write, act, produce and direct her first film in Paris  … so the only difference between us, and where you are right now, is we have the methods, the steps and the daily commitment actions we need to feel the fear and doubt and literally do it anyway.


We will also share authentically our own journey, our mishaps, stuff ups, successes and failures.  We will teach you how not to do it, and how to do it based on our decades of self discovery and study with some of the worlds greatest personal and professional success coaches and teachers. Ensuring every step of the way you feel elevated positive reinforcement, celebration and encouragement from the inside, and outside. And what we do know is that the other side of egoic fear and noise is MASSIVE FREEDOM.


PLUS we have designed our lives with people in it who encourage us, love us unconditionally, are in alignment with the dreams of our unique creative sparks and don’t try and keep us small, or dim us down. So we will show you the steps to follow to also welcome in an awesomely loving community like this.