No regret grid


Welcome to your “No Regrets” meditation journey, crystal grid and activation. This recording has been created and activated with massive energy downloads so that when you choose to sit or lay down to enjoy it you will receive these energies flowing and gently flooding into your cells and energy.


To begin I would invite you to allocate at least 45mins to enjoy this, to prepare yourself in a space that you will not be disturbed and create the intention of truly letting go of your story and any attachment to any past experiences that are holding you back from fully living, loving and leading the most EXTRAordinary life.  You are already whole and complete dear soul and this journey will support you to acknowledge this even more fully in your life.


It is an honour and privilege to share this with you and if you have any problems with downloads please CONNECT and let me know. The journey will take you to dropbox to download the recording and so you may require a login if you don’t have one already. Otherwise enjoy and may the magic that you are already BEcoming you through this returning to you. Immense love, Kyla xx



Download your journey meditation for your grid by clicking the image below …


No regrets Meditation


Print this image or have it beside you on your phone or computer as you enjoy the journey + activation


no regret grid



Once you have completed this activation journey I would encourage you to drink lots of water, and take some time to journal your experience and notice anything that feels different for you. The most valuable gift after a transformational experience like this is to begin to notice what is different in your life afterwards. Open your heart, mind, and soul to miracles occurring and flooding your life with magic and even greater levels of LOVE.  Kyla xx