Kyla Tustin Professional Speaker


“Kyla is an excellent presenter, motivating and inspiring. She provides very practical content which she related specifically to our business challenges and that I can use at work and in life. Her facilitation is enthusiastic, interactive and fun.” NSWFDC Association


EXTRAordinary Key Notes


Being EXTRAordinary at Work with Kyla Tustin

“What could be achieved if everyone bought into your vision, were confident and motivated to execute it, had the resilience to maintain it and constantly took responsibility for how they turned up each day?” In short what could be different if you had an EXTRAordinary team running the show ….


It has been proven that change takes time, but what if you could reduce the impact of the change curve on your team and improve their motivation and performance by awakening their EXTRAordinary from within. Upgrading the culture of your business to successfully out perform as they become engaged to implement your vision with inspiration, energy and desire a to thrive with you.


This interactive key note can be tailored in length and around the desired outcomes of your organisation, community group, school and/or leadership team. It allows individuals the opportunity to journey within, connect with themselves and their colleagues as they learn new skills and find ways to improve their experience at work walking away inspired to be accountable for how they show up and what they create.


This sessions improve staff morale, engagement and reduce stress levels, often impacted by low levels of self awareness, self esteem, purpose and drive. Participants will leave feeling ready to step up in their work and life and to be more productive, positive, and resilient at work while having a greater understanding of the importance of creating positive relationships and “being EXTRAordinary” everyday.




Positively Positve Key Note Kyla Tustin


“The first great gift we can bestow on others is a good example.” Thomas Morell


Are your leaders and employees leading by example? Let’s pause and think for a moment who would you rather have meeting your clients … a rude, grumpy, arrogant, disengaged team member or someone positive, engaged, connected, self aware and emotionally inspired to get the best results for everyone?”



With over 70% of employees disengaged or just doing enough to get paid and not lose their jobs it is essential to bottom line results that we wake up, shake up, empower and create an environment for positive change within the workplace. This uniquely playful key note session is tailored specifically around positive psychology coaching techniques and creates inspired confidence, joy and practical skills within participants.


They will discover the real science and skills of optimism, gratitude and specific body language techniques to live a positively purposeful life feeling confident to succeed from the inside out. Awakening their connection to Being EXTRAordinary, Creating Their Great, and Feeling Positively Purposeful by connecting to who and what really matters and finding ways to create the path of least resistance to powerful positive change in the way they show up at work and in their lives.





EXTRAordinary Workshops


Kyla’s believes that no two session or events should be the same because every organistaion and team are uniquely different and her GREATEST passion is to “Create Her Great” and she does this by individually working with the organisers to tailor her workshop content and experiences to the culture, outcomes and inspired intention of the organisation, business, community group or school.  All of these sessions below can be tailored to be run over 6-12months lunch and learn sessions, half day offsites and team buildings and/or full day leadership team retreats and strategy days.


Strategic Consulting


Kyla and her team are continually coming up with more effective ways to ensure your HR and leadership teams gain the most out of every interaction you have with your people and often this requires thinking “out of the box” when it comes to planning events, AGMs, conferences, retreats and team building sessions. For some events we realise budgets constraints or confidentiality in strategic planning my limit your organisation from brining in an external facilitator for the whole day and this is where our “Strategic Consulting Solutions” work perfectly.


Kyla will personally consult and support you to add creative flair, fun and inspiration to any team event or strategic offsite to ensure it brings your people alive, challenges their way of thinking and awakens plenty of a-ha moments throughout. Tailoring your session correctly will ensure your staff walk away ready to create influence and sustainable long term change within your business.


Within a consulting session she will sit down with your program coordinator, HR Director and/or the leadership team to discuss, design and create an impactful and engaging agenda and program aligned and tailored to your strategic outcomes and filled with activities, techniques, energisers, experiences and fun filled personal and professional development opportunities.


For an additional fee consulting projects can also provide tailored handouts and detailed agenda programs for any team member to run the sessions.



Stress Less Living and Working with Kyla Tustin


In today’s world there is a competitive drive, desire and necessity to move faster and to get more and more done every day. Through this employees are experiencing even greater levels of stress, depression and anxiety than even been before, and Australian employees are absent for an average of 3.2 working days each year from stress. This workplace stress costs the Australian economy approximately $14.2 billion. The impact on our staff is that they lose our ability to move forward effortlessly day to day, to remain positive, to enjoy their day and to find an inward to focus which allows us to be even more creative and to innovative while under this growing pressure.


The solution … Join Facilitator, Kyla Tustin and awaken your ability to move forward in our Stress Less Living and Working session to discover new ways in your life to live, work and thrive.


Within this session you staff will discover:


  • The hidden impact stress is having on your ability to remain resilient at work and at home
  • The effects stress is having on your sleep, mind,  body and brain. Including uncovering your own personal stress signs and symptoms
  • Practical and simple techniques, including positive psychology strategies, to reduce your stress; to make it work for you and to bounce forward, feeling stronger, more confident and ready to kick greater goals


This interactive session will move participants beyond their normal resiliency, meditation or stress management session as they take a journey to uncover practical and personal strategies; walking away with their very own Work Life Balance Action Plan and Accountability Coach to support you to live your best life and thrive in periods of stress and change. In addition, Kyla can tailor make follow up videos and content for participants to ensure real change occurs within the team and/or workplace.



Riding the wave of change with Kyla Tustin


Embracing Calm, Happy, Motivated and Inspired through the Turbulence of Change…


The only constant in business is change. In this session Kyla will provide the 7 keys to remaining successful and productive whilst facing the uncertainty of riding the change curve. This session is unique in that it brings in “human elements” to change and the areas of focus required to increase speed of adaption and acceptance moving through the change curve cycle. We will discuss and experience basic skills to remain mentally, emotionally, physical and spiritually resilient when faced with change and the added component of difficult people and stressful situations.


This ½ day or full day session will run through practical and concrete tips, tools and techniques to reduce stress and overwhelm by boosting inner confidence and assertiveness at work, improving participants ability to bounce back in the moment, calm their mind and emotions; improve their focus, increase their responsibility towards health and wellbeing; and reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm in everyday situations. These skills will open the doorway for better relationships and communication providing the opportunity to connect at a deeper level internally and externally with each other, their staff, clients and stakeholders.






Corporate Alchemy with Kyla Tustin


Emotional Intelligence and how individuals respond or react when faced with stressful situations is often a powerful predictor of personal and professional success and is currently one of the hotest topics and management tools in the marketplace. In her sessions Kyla takes this development one step further and introduces the concepts of Energy Intelligence to have participants starting to take ownership for how they show up and the mood and energy they are filtering into the business and their relationships.


This session will provide your team with the skills to cope with everything thrown at them within all dimension of life, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. They will gain an understanding of how their emotions may be impacting the way they think, communicate, act and influence their experience and performance at work. Before delving deeply into their own emotional and social strengths and weaknesses and the implications these have on their life, work, communication and relationships. We will end by creating an action plan to prepare and plan for positive change in their day to day interactions.



  • Understand the biology and contagion of energy and emotions and the impact to business performance and client relationships
  • Identify how EQ skills impact the day to day function of your business and create strategies, personally and as a team to resolve these, personalised ways to practice and improve EQ
  • Practice the Four PURE Keys of Emotional Intelligence and how to use these to accurately perceive emotions in oneself and others
  • Understanding the meaning of emotions and how to manage them
  • Use emotions to facilitate creative and innovative thinking
  • Create an environment for increased empathy, compassion, humility and kindness at work
  • Participants will walk away with an action plan to improve their levels of EQ day to day
  • Expand personal awareness and professional development
  • Build and deepen individual and team connection
  • Lots and lots of PLAY


Example Exercise – Riding the Wave


In this session participants will be given role plays and need to review everyday scenarios in a group to discuss how they would usually react and respond to a particular situation and then reviewing the four keys to improving emotional intelligence be given an opportunity to come up with better ways to deal with this situations and how best to ride the wave of their own, or others emotions moving forward.