Stress Less workshops


Welcome very dear Wagga Wagga friends …


I am very excited to be invited to come to town and share with you all some of the amazing + life changing tips, tools, techniques and strategies I have discovered, created and implemented into my own life, and the lives of hundreds of clients, over the years…. including …


Some super simple, life transforming ways to stress less, sleep well and feel happier in the moment, everyday!


If you are looking for how to book the session then simply scroll to the bottom of this page, hit the paypal button and after I receive payment you will receive a booking confirmation email through to you.

This session is all about you and supporting you to find, create and most importantly action and implement the most life enriching habits into your life so that you wake up feeling energised, present, fulfilled and full of life giving love.


You see slowing down, calming down, reconnecting and enjoying simplicity and stillness are the complete opposite of what the world often teaches us, as successful. Therefore we find ourselves hard wired to try, push, compete, stress and exhaust ourselves day to day which plays havoc with our nervous system, our sleep habits and our happiness levels. We now find ourselves in a time where we have access to everything imaginable at our finger tips and yet we are also facing depression rates higher than the great depression … anxiety levels soaring and many people waking up unhappy, exhausted, unable to sleep and look for new solutions. And this, I am glad to say, is where I walk in ….


As well as chatting through the science, research and most profound ways in which these life giving techniques work, we will be delving deep into experiencing each one so that you can ask questions, provide feedback and walk away with a few personally relevant keys to unlock your enrichment filled with peace, joy, energy, and serenity once more.

Here are a few ideas on what you can expect to experience

  • Discovering the keys to long lasting wellness
  • Learning the links between stress, sleep, emotional awareness, healthy habits and our brain. FYI I love neuroscience and so there will be plenty of proven stats and facts to keep our skeptics at bay, so we can completely relax, unwind and let go.
  • Uncovering your personal stress signs and symptoms to create long lasting practical changes
  • Lots of ways to enrich your life in less time
  • Tips (including some positive psychology) on increasing your energy to feel confident, optimistic and full of life as you face life changes and transitions, increased stress or anxiety inducing experiences
  • Practicing simple, easy and science based mindfulness, meditation + breathing techniques as relaxation and stress reductions
  • Discussing strategies to sleep longer, deeper and wake feeling refreshed
  • Receiving feedback on ways to improve your mental, emotional + physical wellbeing
  • Creating a personal wellness roadmap filled with tips, tools and strategies that work for you
  • Enjoy a day out just for you filled with lots of peacefulness and a space to breathe, let go, learn, grow, experience and have some fun


For our time together you can expect, play, experience, peacefulness, enrichment, solutions that work, and a whole lot of love. And never to forget my greatest allies along my own journey from stress to stillness, which you will definitely meet and receive in bundles in our session together, are authenticity and kindness.


I can’t wait to spend the day with you, and ensure you walk away feeling more connected, aware and ready to make empowering, and yet simple transformations and changes, into your day to day life to reduce your stress, improve your sleep and welcome mindful awareness into your life.


A bit about me …


Kyla Tustin

I haven’t always been this relaxed, chilled out and bliss filled and so I totally understand the voice inside our head that tells us “I don’t have time, meditation and mindfulness don’t work for me, I’m not into this hippy stuff, its a waste of time, I’m too busy.” 

After finding myself stressed out, burnt out, running on empty in a career in investment banking, I was introduced to the world of wellness and inner bliss, and I knew it would be my life mission to live it, breathe it, find the best of the best tools and particularly the ones that work and then share it with as many people as possible and so here I am over a decade later doing just that. I am now blessed to travel Australia teaching corporate leaders, their teams, and individuals about the benefits of slowing down to get more done, turning up our healthy lifestyle accountability levels and showing up as the happiest, most authentic version of ourselves day to day.


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Event details:

Date: Friday 20th November 2015

Time: 9.30-9.45am arrival for morning tea with a 10am start.

3.30pm finish

Location: The Lawson Motel,117-121 Tarcutta Street, Wagga Wagga

Price: $87 per person which includes our full day together, catered light lunch, morning & afternoon tea + comprehensive workshop manual


How do you book your place?


To book your place all you have to do is click on the Paypal link below to make payment or if you have some questions or would like to pay via direct debit you can email me at and I can send you through the details.

Lots and lots of love, Kyla