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Finally, we made it, thanks for sticking with me through our email journey together and I am so excited you have join The EXTRAordinaries Lounge.

Our lounge is a very special place filled with enrichment, empowerment, inspiration, transformation, information and connection for those everyday souls wanting to live and make a difference in your EXTRAordinary life and the world! The most important thing to know is that there is a lot of fun stuff in here and so you may want to begin with one specific tool and then work your way through them.

Most importantly click here to find the 7 Keys to Transform Your Life you have been so patiently waiting for.

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And don’t forget to print out your happiness cheat sheet

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Incase you LOVE chilling out in Meditation as much as I do be sure to pop over and visit our very special CHILL OUT zone with other fun and freebies.

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The primary purpose of our lounge is to support you to step out of the stresses and pressures of daily life and into a space where you feel safe to awaken to your most EXTRAordinary, powerful and confident self from the inside, out. By awakening your true self you will feel free to live and experience life’s everyday miracles, knowing you are free and radiant just as you are.

Let’s start with your wonderful “Choose Happy” Journal which is going to give you two weeks to work on awakeing and boosting your EXTRAordinary optimism and reducing your worry, stress and freak out moments. Everything you need is inside for your enJOYment. No.1 tip for this to succeed you need to commit to it and do it everyday, and starting today is the best place.

Choose Happy with Kyla Tustin

I know that our inward journey can sometimes be tricky as we find ourselves faced with a world of fears, noisy pasts, negative self talk and maybe even what feels like complete chaos. My role and the purpose of the lounge is to share what I KNOW works from my own experiences, learning’s and truths so I can support you to go within and find what is true for you within your life. And what you will start to notice is that my enthusiasm for life means that I am ALWAYs learning and so I will be continually sharing in here new tips and tools, workshops and events and insights from the best of the best as I trial, experiment and then give you access to only the BEST.

Life is actually not meant to be hard, though we often make it feel this was by living in the past, staying stuck in sabotaging beliefs. I’m sure you have heard this awesome quote before which is that many of us fear not that we are inadequate but that we are powerful beyond our wildest dreams and if we step into this power we will be seen and maybe judged for “who we really are?”

My dream is to support you to liberate yourself to step into your divine power, to shine your radiant fabulous light and to feel supported to live your life from this place enjoying the amazing adventures and learning even more about yourself and your soul along the way. And remember that the ripple impact of making a difference in your life means together we can make a difference in the world.

How do I plan to complete my mission …. well one soul and one day at a time and so today it’s your turn, so if you haven’t committed yet to your “Choose Happy” journey then do and if you have already been here before then keep visit below as more and more will always show up.

If STRESS is a major player in your life then I would recommend scheduling in some time and going through out “Stress Less Living Planner” with heaps of tips which I just know you are going to love and is aimed to inspire you to choose one small action which you can implement in your life right now. Sometimes taking the first step is the hardest and we go into overwhelm when even more information arrives in our inbox so congratulations you have already done this by signing up. Next all you need to do is click on the link above or image below and then choose one tool or tip to implement in your life from today.

Learn to Stress Less

I will be in touch in regularly to see how you are going and to share some of the many amazing ways I believe we can play together to awaken you to the authentic YOU free to be living and creating the life of your dreams, and feeling your BLISS.

Oh and one little reminder….. “you are amazing, awesome and EXTRAordinary right NOW.

By simply BEING you, you are making a difference in the world. And as you shine even more brightly I know in my heart miracles will occur within your life.”

Which takes us to your your exclusive access to my EXTRAorindarily new 14 Day program …. BEing EXTRAordinary, as you … the pathway to overcoming self doubt and create your greatest life now, should be arriving in your inbox as we speak.

If there are any problems and its hasn’t arrived, after checking your “junk” and saving me as a special friend contact, be sure to CONTACT me and we will figure out what is going on.

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I look forward to sharing this amazing journey with you.

Much love, Kyla

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