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Inside you will find so many amazing, life changing and transforming tips, tools, downloads and meditation journeys to support you to tap into create your “greatest” most empowered and enriched life, today.


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Perfect for creating your life as a masterpiece, eradicating excess stress (some stress is actually very inspiring), sabotage and doubt and tapping into even greater joy and happiness with doubling your happiness in just two weeks and a cheat sheet to pop on your wall for those days of darkness.




BEING EXTRAordinary, Living on Purpose


Now time for our CHILL OUT Meditations + Journeys

Here you will find a mixture of free meditations I have created within previous workshops.

Tips for the journey:

  • Enjoy these in a space where you will not be disturbed or interrupted.
  • Ensure you are not driving a car
  • At the end of the meditation make sure you are fully grounded by feeling the energy of the earth underneath you, drinking some water and moving your body.
  • As these meditation are designed to change how you feel by shifting your energy allow yourself some quiet time for a few moments afterwards to come back completely and feel totally back in you body.

I also recommend enjoying some journaling after each meditation, so that you can record each of your awakenings, learnings and any awareness which arose as you journeyed within.

Downloading Instructions – To easily download your files to your computer so that you put your meditations on your iPod and have easy access at anytime all you need to do is rightclick with your mouse on the highlighted links, click ‘Save Link As” and then choose where you would like to save the files on your computer. You will need to remember where you saved these so that after they are downloaded you can go into this file at anytime and fine the ones that you need.

HUGE GRATITUDE AND THANKS .. If you like the background music of most of these meditation be sure to visit Universal Life Tools and purchase the beautiful Angel Meditations CD.




Your Sacred Circle Meditations + More Enrichment

Here you will find meditation journeys for every occasion in your life and enrichment journey and if not … and you have a burning desire for something special I am always inspired to create new ones to post and so jump on over CONNECT and recommend the next creation.

In the meantime a little of the low down on Your Sacred Circle and the special energy of these. This was a group I ran for about 18months with over 30 beautiful woman embracing Unity, Connection and Consciousness throughout 2012 and 2013 and many of these meditations were created in this space, which means you get to enjoy the group energy buzz inside of them all.

This intimate development circle was made up of beautiful soul’s awakening to their EXTRAordinary and why they are really here. Each circle session was unique and guided by spirit and so below you will find the recordings and access to all of the information and handouts to enJOY filled with fun, laughter and lots of new learning’s about ourselves.

Here is our special page to give you a taste of where we journeyed to each month and you will find lots of free resources here to enjoy… some of the recordings may have a little noise and so please excuse they were not professionally recorded.

Free Tools & Resources –





emba – Energy and life balancing programs and workshops – Breathing, Movement & Meditation

emba is an AWESOME movement and meditation class I run with Karmea, Fitness Coach Sarah Anne Evans where we support you to realign your physical body and your mind by focusing on the energy flow and release through each of your 7 chakras. A series of movement patterns (similar to yoga and pilates), breathing techniques, meditation and crystal healing, specific to each chakra, is used to clear on a physical and energetic level. Below are some meditations recorded from the classes to help tune up your energy from the comfort of your own home.

Before embarking on this meditation we recommend creating some sacred space within your environment, maybe light a candle or burn some essential oils and give your mind permission to let go as you go within for the next 10mins or so. You may even like to print out your mandala and have it with you as you meditate. Some of the meditations have crystal bowl sounds and so you may not want to play them too loudly.

This meditation begins with some sound healing with the special crystal bowl and so we recommend that you don’t play it too loud as we wouldn’t want to hurt your precious ears. Again just like the base chakra meditation we recommend that you allow yourself a few minutes to get into a comfortable position to begin your meditation and allow it to take you where you need to go. Remember every meditation on every day is going to be different and so try to let go of all expectations and past experiences and simply surrender to the flow and often you don’t even need to follow where the meditation takes you and this is perfect too. Enjoy !!!


Free Tools for Teenage Girls ….

Empowering Teenage Girls from within


Free YouTube Tips and Tools

Awakening Self Love journey 


Enjoying Stillness and Finding Yourself 

This journey today will take you within, to let go of the distractions of your everyday life and to awaken you to your true self and the peace and calm that you can find within when you allow the space.

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