Congratulations, you’ve taken the hardest step, the largest leap of faith. Now its time for us to continue Pressing Play on manifesting your greatest life in this glorious 14 day adventure today.


As We Tune In And Turn Up The LOVE by fully loving and accepting all of YOU, and knowing you are more than enough.


Imagine for just a minute with me that today was the day you gave yourself the ultimate limitless permission to press play on manifesting your greatest dream life in 2017.


Or you could stay stuck, you so nothing differently ….


See yourself taking just the first step … maybe it’s making that one phone call you’ve been thinking about for weeks, booking that class you’ve dreamed about stepping foot into, sending that email which could radically transform your career, asking your boss for the support you need to sky rocket your performance and role, having that difficult conversation you e been thinking about for weeks, asking your partner for what you truly need in your relationship or waking up an hour early to give yourself some uninterrupted to you time.


What are you saying to yourself? What are others saying to you??


How does it feel to have finally taken the plunge and to following through on your greatest dreams commitments


Pretty good isn’t it ….


This is the cool thing about your dream life …. it’s yours for the creation and the taking!!!


The challenge with leaps of faith I hear, see and have experienced myself over the years is two fold.


Firstly a lot of people have never asked themselves what they want and so don’t even know what to PRESS PLAY on that would make them thrive in happiness day to day

Secondly many have forgotten how to give themselves permission dream big and ask for what they desire …. and are waiting for the universe to hand it to them on a silver plater or for Prince or Princess Charming to show up and hand it too them with a glass slipper.


What I’ve discover over the last decade of working with thousands of individuals and corporate teams and leaders is that the difference between those living liberated and abundant in their dream life and those who dream about living their dream life…


Is that those living and loving themselves and life everyday have ignited their unique creative spark, they take daily action which fuels this spark, they have a coach who keeps them accountable and they surround themselves with a community of like minded peeps who inspire this spark to burn even keep burning even more brightly.


I’ve spent the last decade personally and with clients working on the feminine and masculine wounds and masks that keep us stuck, playing small, not speaking up and limited in the massive positive impact we can make in the world through these divine feminine gifts. And this work isn’t only for women …these days there are lots of men living in their feminine essence who will also be facing these challenges of no feeling enough, afraid to say what they truly want and let their desires be known and expressed.


I believe if you have arrived here  today, it is for a very special soulFULL reason and that you have been guided here to honour the LOVE within you. In saying this we also have to get clear on our big, bold requirements as we create together, as yes through these, and so much more we are going to CREATE magic + sweet, sweet LOVE in your life …


Firstly below are a few requirements for you to re-read + therefore agree too as we move through our magical Turn Up The Love process … remember commitment and filling in these questions might bring up a few little noisy gremlins already and so acknowledge the rising, stop, breathe and allow them to release as you welcome even more love in your heart already.


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Let prepare ourselves to get ready to take love to the next level in this masterpiece of life. To do this, and be, this we will need to …


  • Step One .. if you haven’t as yet paid for our adventure together please be sure to finalise this investment as energetically this lets the universe know how committed to you and love you are. PAY HERE


  • BE fully OPEN + HONEST + AUTHENTIC … there is nothing to hide here. I am fiercely obsessed with holding a space of NON judgement in accepting all of YOU, and me. Yep the good, bad, shameful, hidden, arisen, all of it is welcome and present to rise and release.


  • COMMIT to 10mins a day for 14 Days starting the 18th December  … JUST for you to complete, engage and fully process our LOVEtivities together


  • Show up when you need to show up and ALLOCATE the appropriate time for our hookups and turn off all other distractions and technology to BE fully present with the group.


  • BE on time every time. Rescheduling our self love commitments + energy is no longer an option.


  • BE willing to go DEEP with me in your transformation + with this enjoy the PLAYful ride as we invest in you, your LOVE and your future


So LETS DO THIS … let’s RISE + FLY in love .. as we begin by you now completing your questionnaire below and hitting submit when you are done. Much love, Kyla. xx


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Day 13