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Your very special SELF gratitude diary

Keeping record of what you are grateful for in your life will support you to begin to feel great by acknowledging all the amazing things, people and experiences you already have within your life. Click the Image or Link below to download.

SELF Gratitude Diary

Lifes Great Teen Gratitude Diary

Your Morning Pick Me Up

A very wise woman Louise Hay says that they way we start our day is the way we end it. Do you wake up in the morning with bounce in your step or are you dreading the day ahead. At SELF we believe strongly in the power of positive thinking and believing and so we have created a great tool to support you to wake up on the right side of bed everyday with our powerful “Start Your Day Right” recording.

Make Today Great Free Meditation for Teens


SELF Vision Board

Be inspired everyday with our inspirational SELF vision board, print it out stick it up, save it to your iPhone and allow yourself to shine.

Empowering Teens Vision Board