Be gentle with yourself. If you will not be your own unconditional friend, who will be? If you are playing an opponent and you are also opposing yourself — you are going to be outnumbered. Dan Millman




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What to expect …





Getting ready downloads


To print/download the Turn Up The Love Companion and the Journal click on the images below and you will be taken to the pdf document. There are two separate documents. Be sure to choose “fit to size” for A4 when you are printing the companion too.



Turn Up The Love Companion
Turn Up The Love Companion






Turn Up the Love Journal
Turn Up the Love Journal



Your Turn UP the Love Posters + Manifestos

To print them out click on any of the images below and you will be taken to the pdf document.

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To save the images click in them individually below, 

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OPENING ACT – Daily Audios and Meditations


Our Opening Act is going to go for the first 7 days and will involve preparing you energetically for the amazing Turn Up The Love adventure to come. This will involve starting and ending your day with a little turn up the love audio playtime. These are only a few minutes each and will set you up to start and end your day with love. PLUS you will receive you very special love notes from me along the way too.

OPENING ACT … Inviting In Greater Levels of Love

Affirmation: I welcome greater levels of love into my life.



Starting Your Day Right




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Opening Act: Day One:


Todays song …. Love, Rosey
Spotify Link  /  YouTube Link 


Opening Act: Day Two:


Opening Act Day 2: Audio love transmission

Todays song …. Fast Car, Jonas Blue
Spotify Link / YouTube Link


Opening Act Day Three:


Opening Act Day 3: Audio Love Transmission

Todays song …. Home, Edward Sharpe + The Magnetics
Spotify Link  /  YouTube Link


Opening Act Day Four:


Opening Act Day 4: Audio love transmission

Todays song …. Soldier, Angus + Julia Stone
Spotify Link  /  YouTube Link


Opening Act Day Five:


Opening Act Day 5: Audio love transmission

Todays song …. Broken Arrows, Avivii
Spotify Link  /  YouTube Link 


Opening Act Day Six:


Opening Act Day Six: Audio love transmission

Todays song …. (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life
Spotify Link  /  YouTube Link 


Opening Act Day Seven Finale:


Opening Act Day 7: NO AUDIO required TODAY. Its quiet time from Kyla for you instead to go within 🙂

Todays song …. Om Mani Padme Hum
Spotify Link  /  YouTube Link 


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ACT TWO (Week Two & Three) –

Playing Full Out in Our Turning Up the Love Adventure


To print/download the additional Turn Up The Love Act Two Companion and Journal click on the images below and you will be taken to the pdf document. Be sure to choose “fit to size” for A4 when you are printing the companion too.

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Day 1 Lovetivity VLOG: Accepting Your Love


Affirmation: “I am love.”


File 12-02-2016, 12 00 28


Song Links: Spotify Link / YouTube Link – Permission to Shine, Bachelor Girl





Day 2 Turn Up The Love


Day 2 Lovetivity Audio: Loving Your Magic


Our Turn Up The Love Crystal Grid.

I will be anchoring your intentions into this grid and energising and activating the energies throughout our 28 days together. Now that its your turn to enjoy the energy of it, I would highly recommend printing this and popping it under your bed, on your altar or somewhere you can see it throughout our journey. xx


Grid turn up the love


Affirmation: “I love the magic of me.”

File 5-02-2016, 10 42 59

Song Links: Spotify Link / YouTube Link – Magic, Xanadu, Oliva Newton John




Day 3 Turn Up The Love

Day 3 Lovetivity Audio: 100% Me Today + Everyday

Affirmation: “I am 100% me + proud to BE.”

File 5-02-2016, 12 35 02

Song Links: Spotify Link / YouTube Link – Spectrum (Say my name), Florence + the Machine




Day 4 Turn Up The Love


Day 4 Lovetivity Audio: Love Your Wild Child

Affirmation: “I AM wild + free.”

turn up the love


Song Links: Spotify Link / YouTube Link – Wild + Free, Lena




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Day 5 Lovetivity: Love Yourself


Affirmation: “I LOVE me.”

i love me

Song Links: Spotify Link / YouTube Link – Love Myself, Hailee Steinfeld



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Day 6 Lovetivity: Tuning Into Love

Day 6 Lovetivity: Love Language Questionnaire … 


Affirmation: “I dance to the beat of my own soul song.”


Day 6 soul song


Song Links: Spotify Link / YouTube Link -Your Song, Elton John


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Day 7 Lovetivity VLOG: Loving All of Me + All I Value



Affirmation: “I truly, madly, deeply value all that I am.”


Day 7


Song Links: Spotify Link / YouTube Link – Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now – StarShip





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Day 8 Lovetivity VLOG: Loving All of Me + My Saboteur


Day 8 Companion PRINT OUT

Day 8 Belief Dissolving Journey


Affirmation: “I love all of me + my actions reflect this.”




Song Links: Spotify Link / YouTube Link – All of me, John Legend





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Day 9 Lovetivity Audio: Loving Who I Am


Affirmation: “I am created from all that I AM.”


I am all that I am


All Information Below Sourced from The Enneagram Institute


Enneagram Types



These one-word descriptors can be expanded into four-word sets of traits. Keep in mind that these are merely highlights and do not represent the full spectrum of each type.

Type One is principled, purposeful, self-controlled, and perfectionistic.

Type Two is generous, demonstrative, people-pleasing, and possessive.

Type Three is adaptable, excelling, driven, and image-conscious.

Type Four is expressive, dramatic, self-absorbed, and temperamental.

Type Five is perceptive, innovative, secretive, and isolated.

Type Six is engaging, responsible, anxious, and suspicious.

Type Seven is spontaneous, versatile, acquisitive, and scattered.

Type Eight is self-confident, decisive, willful, and confrontational.

Type Nine is receptive, reassuring, complacent, and resigned.

– See more at: https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/how-the-enneagram-system-works/#sthash.YoLX5mAk.dpuf


Discover Your Enneagram … Here is the link to the FREE Questionnaire. Don’t forget to send me your results too.


Once you have completed the questionnaire you can find more information here win the Enneagram GRID with an overview of types, fears and connections.


Song Links: These songs are in honour of my 7. First song is when my 7 is in her unhealthy state (hehehe yep this journey is all about loving our shadow too and becoming aware of when our habits arrive). Second is her healthy state. Once you have travelled into your Enneagram I would invite you to choose a song to represent it as well.



Spotify Link / YouTube Link – I can’t get no satisfaction, The Rolling Stones

Spotify Link / YouTube Link – Celebrate, Mika + Pharrell







Day 10 Lovetivity: Mirroring Love


Affirmation: “I am all the love, gifts, talents + miracles I see in the world.”


Day 10


Song Links: Spotify Link / YouTube Link – I Can Be Somebody, Deorro







Day 11 Lovetivity: Loving My Body


Affirmation: “I LOVE + am grateful for my body.”


Day 11


Song Links: Spotify Link / YouTube Link – Touch Myself, Divinyls (I’m totally showing my age here and as you listen to these tunes, imagine you are singing it fully to and for yourself)




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Day 12 Lovetivity: Loving + Living Gratitude

Gratitude + THX2U Companion Print OUT



Affirmation: “Gratitude supports the flow of blessings in my life.”


Day 12


Song Links: Spotify Link / YouTube Link – Grateful, Rita Ora




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Day 13 Lovetivity: Loving Our Stubborn Self

Daily Exercise for Letting Go


When you “observe” (remember no judgment) your stubborn self showing up today, and everyday from now on, note down what is going on for you at that moment in your journal. This is to include thoughts, experiences, feelings, anything and everything you observe in that moment. Next, when you have sometime to yourself, centre your awareness into your heart, take a few deep breaths, and go back and ask this part lots of questions, including, what do you fear the most, what are you protecting me from? (you may like to refer to your Enneagram grid here for some synchronicity, support and guidance too).


After having a nice little loving chat, observe where in your body you feel this resistance, take some deep breaths and send the energy here. Then, let this part of you know, “today is day that I completely dissolve this, need, this desire to be right, to have it my way and I choose to open my heart and allow life and love to continuously flow through me.” You can also return to the meditation journey below for today at any stage along your adventure of life.


Loving Your Stubborn Self Meditation Journey


Affirmation: “As I let go, love + life flows.”


Day 13



Song Links: Spotify Link / YouTube Link – Let it go, James Bay




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Day 14 Lovetivity: Turning Up The Love

Final Love Completion Journey – 40mins required

You’re REWRITE Your Love Story Companion – simply open your heart, breathe and let your soul do the writing


Affirmation: “I am turning up the love.”




Song Links: Spotify Link / YouTube Link – Turn Up The Love, Far East Movement





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What’s next on your Turn Up The Love for Life Adventure



Lets Turn Up The Love within Your Home




Bonus Turn Up The LOVEtivities, VLOGS + downloads (be sure to visit back as more will be added all the time)




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bonus vlog – what if things are rising + I feel things



bonus: what if I get stuck or miss a day