Monday Musing-3


Magical, Magical Monday…


“Here resides in this moment … some music for your heart + soul to soar …. “


There is a moment between a moment.
It’s called the tender sweet spot.

Where the divine source devours the fullness of your being and expands you,

deeply into greater levels of love.


Can you feel it?


There is a moment between the moment.
Where all time stops.
Where the mind becomes still and love in its purity resides.


Will you choose it?


There is a moment between the moment.
A space where hearts unite.
Where doubts dissolve, where love always prevails and smiles illuminate.


Will you live there?




This weeks song … may its sounds ripple through every cell in your body ….
Up, Olly Murs
Spotify Link  /  YouTube Link




It’s time my sweetness for you, for I, for everyone to PLAY this week and forever in the land of sweet, sweet, love. Where our minds, our thoughts, our wishes, our dreams, our words and our actions all align in fullness in our life. Come with me, as we make the commitment to  Turn Up The Love even more fully together… yes its starting the 22nd May xx



Wishing you a magical, playful, soulFULL week, Immense LOVE, Kyla xx



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