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Greetings Spiritual Warriors …


As I woke this morning with excited anticipation for the energies of the full moon and the lunar eclipse I began my usual ritual of drawing cards for inspiration. As I began I got a string in my soul to speak a little louder and then I had a lovely idea … why not share this with all of you as a way to gain guidance in the potent time.


My only recommendation would be … before or after you read what has been written through me … sit with the energies of the cards and write down a few little self empowered notes from your soul.

Inside you is wisdom just waiting to be birthed and we give this freedom by allowing it to flow into form.

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Garden Delights: Surprises.


The joy that arrived when I received this card was beyond; magical. It is a reminder to allow the innocence of our magical child to emerge without restraint. To let go of all inhibitions and be playful in the energies of life. The mantra “BE Alive” comes to mind in terms to really, truly, madly deeply entering each moment and each experience like it is our last or my very nearly be the most spectacular experience we are to have in our life. From the boring and mundane, like cleaning the car, to the exciting and adventurous holiday you might be planning.

I have been working a lot lately with the energy of the “green dragon” and on its arrival today I closed my eyes and asked that the purity of the fire of her breath clear and cleanse my energetic field in preparation for the rising of the full moon and lunar eclipse powers.

So lets encourage and inspire the unexpected to arrive in our life today. Let go of any fear that it might bring chaos and allow the excitement of discovery to flow through our veins in the anticipation that not only will magic arrive but that we truly are the magic. Remember in our core, we are all made of star dust.


Fly beautiful friend … fly free on the wings of your magical green dragon xx


Free from Judgment, Free to Love


“Imagine a world so infused with bliss, love and wonder that you naturally and always feel as safe as a nourished, cherished baby in the arms of the universal mother.”

This card brings a very special message that each of us reading this today is part of a super special clan here on earth to honour and celebrate life on this planet. Those of you that know me well know just how much I LOVE my inner sacred rebel and the enlivened spirit she brings to all I express, share and live within. Its quite ironic really because in certain aspects I thrive on breaking all the rules of our conforming society and then in other occasions, like someone pushing in in a queue, another part of me ignites and is totally not ok with breaking the rules. I think this is when true freedom of love comes though. When we are able to observe just how contrasting and ironic all parts of us are, soul, spirit, ego, personality and sit in a sacred space of observation and acceptance rather than judgment.

Today we are reminder as we let go of judging ourself and a powerful transition occurs and we let go of judging others. There are always going to be people who judge or dislike us, don’t agree with our choices or even try to make them for us and to this I say today … let go of the need to please others and simply be with your truth. You are the sacred decider of your choices and don’t let anyone else rattle your cage. Inside you, you always know what feels right, honour this and all will be well. And by well I mean, what we require for our greatest learnings and gifts as the way of the very powerful sacred rebel soul, isn’t always going to be peaceful and serene. There will be crashing waves, however in this turbulence you get to choose who you will be and how you response.

In honour of this card today I would invite each of you to find a way in the next 24hours to invite in the love of the universal mother and nurture and nourish YOU and allow it to rise rather than think about what to do. For me I am feeling totally nourished as I share this amazing little connection with you here today and after a gentle little stroll in the rain which made my heart sing loud, loud, loud. Combine the energy of love, the surprises of the green dragon and BE in excited anticipation for this moment to arrive magically for you this weekend.



Sapphire – Spiritual Truth


“Allow the ultimate truth of unity, peace and love for all. Sapphire brings one of the most calming and peaceful energies available in the mineral kingdom, enabling one to feel FREE.”


Are we seeing a pattern yet …. Love and freedom are truly one and waiting on our doorstep!!!

In our truth we are truly free. The message from sapphire today is to really be in your truth, now and everyday. From the choices you make, to the boundaries you set to the words that you share with yourself and others.

So often I see people do and say things to be good, nice and keep the peace. Well to be honest in keeping the peace you are actually creating a very unpeaceful disturbance in your energy and in the connection between you and another. This doesn’t mean projecting what you are thinking and feeling; particularly with blame. It is about creating space to honour and process your feelings and then keeping authentic and real relationships in your life.

In honour of my amazing soul coaching journey with Denise a message comes to mind “your soul knows the truth.” It really does and it wont want to blame, shame, guilt or make wrong anyone else. It will hold a space of openness, stillness and genuine kindness for your needs and the truth to be held in your relationships.

May you set free your spiritual truth today in whatever form you desire as you allow the magic of the green dragon to purify your field, your sacred rebel to love yourself fully and completely and the sapphire to support you to shine even more brightly in its blue energy of truth.


Immense love special sacred rebel and may this long weekend with all its powerful energies illuminate the inner peace and sparkle of joy you were born to be.

Much love and powerful full moon eclipse energies, Kyla


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PPS. Wonderful what the cool card decks I used today were … here you go xx


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