Happy Poetical Monday!     Twas the night after xmas and all through the world not a soul was stirring All was quiet and still .. Next the Australian sun rose A seed of magic was sewn You opened your eyes, and smiled with glee    Next came a new year A new cycle of 10 A new chance to live more To live liberated and free.   So as the holiday flew by You let out a roar A declaration of this new year to be… Read more »

Happy Magical Monday…     Over the years I have discovered there is a huge difference between those who live in fear, and those who live in love. The fearful wake depressed and anxious about life, worry about what everyone else thinks of them, are in constant comparison mode and can’t quite catch a break. Then there’s those that opportunities magnetically flow to, are fulfilled in happy careers, wake up happy and energised everyday, love life and self, and live… Read more »

Hello wonderful you…   To live liberated in our greatness and ignite our creative spark, WE MUST be willing to take the lead of faith, which requires simply taking the first step.     “Then (David) took his staff in his hand, chose five smooth stones from the stream, put then in the pouch of his shepherd’s bag and, with his sling in his hand, approached Goliath.” – I Samuel 17:40     Our next step this week is about… Read more »

Happy Magical Monday…     To live liberated in our greatness and ignite our creative spark, WE MUST decide who we want to BE, and then give ourself permission to step into creating and becoming this greatest version.   In honor of last week’s topic of letting go a little …   What I have also discovered, finally, after a lot of trying to control, forcing, and wasted doing energy is that life isn’t about reaching our “ideal” outcome or destination. It’s… Read more »

   Magical, Magical Monday…        To live liberated in our greatness and ignite our creative spark, WE MUST fill our cup first and show ourselves love.        As many of your know in becoming “newly independent” late last year, after nearly 14 years magical years with Tobbe, I am in a brand new phase and stage of my life’s masterpiece. I’m not going to gloss over it, as I am sure you can imagine this has brought with it many soulful self love challenges, and… Read more »

        Magical, Magical “I’m Gonna Change My Life” Monday …     To become great … to be great … to live liberated in our greatness, WE MUST do something differently.     So what are you waiting for?!     Let’s love you like I do, and be courageous enough to do something, anything this week differently … and of course choose something that aligns you more fully with your highest dreams and values, and your… Read more »

    Magical, Magical Monday…     Here lies an ode to you, to all the men and women who have a deep burning desire to live, lead and love against the grain…   We will no longer hide…   We will no longer give up…   We will stand tall and proud…   We will walk this earth awakened by the beating of her heart and connection to our soul…   We will lead from our heart…   We will move through our day,… Read more »

  Magical, Magical Monday…   “Here resides in this moment … some music for your heart + soul to soar …. “   There is a moment between a moment. It’s called the tender sweet spot. Where the divine source devours the fullness of your being and expands you, deeply into greater levels of love.   Can you feel it?   There is a moment between the moment. Where all time stops. Where the mind becomes still and love in… Read more »

  Happy Glorious Monday….     “What could be different if you lean in and just take the first step???”   Aaaahhh …. can you still feel the magic and playfulness of the April fool flowing through your month … and in combination with the potent super new moon last week, its energy is definitely ramping us up for this divine time to set some grandiose intentions for what you are going to magnetise more of in your life and… Read more »

Magical Monday…     “I am creating change in my world from within”     How are you on this very wondrous day? I’m guessing, things might be rising a little in your world, as they are mine anlot of others on the path to greatness.   You see in this very very special “9” year, there is so much deep clearing going on energetically and emotionally for many. With all this rising it feel’s only fitting to fill our musing this week with a magical process of accepting, allowing and… Read more »

Happy Happy LEAP Monday… “Just BE it anyway.”     Its pretty cool that we get an EXTRA day in the year today to LEAP into life, and get moving in the direction of our dreams … hmmm I wonder what will you do today to make the most out of this extra day????     I get a strange feeling today that there is something, or someone, you know you can BE and maybe just maybe, you are holding… Read more »

      Happy magical Full Moon Monday!     “Everyday we wake, everyday we rise, everyday we choose, everyday we create.”   So my dear friend what are you choosing to “commit to creating” this month??? You see, with all this special Virgo energy flying around it feels only fitting to honour her practical vibes of “commitment + discipline” as I invite DJ Kyla into the house … for some magical musical play and insight.     “Rock, paper,… Read more »

  You are so so very Brave … where to next?? xx     Happy magical Monday Kyla …   How did you go with your BE Brave mission??? … my hope + vision is that this BEcomes your new way to BEing in 2016. Yep, totally putting yourself out there and fully stepping into life everyday. So where to next … you ask???   Our weekly intention: BE Bold Our weekly affirmation: “In accepting my boldness I acknowledge I… Read more »

  BE remembered. I lived, I loved, I led … as me.   The greatest question we get asked in life is what do you want to do, or even more now what is your why, and why do you do what you do … what if instead the most important question we asked ourselves and our children was   who will you be remembered for BEing?   With so much focus in the world to look outside ourselves and… Read more »

This musing today is in honour of LOVE … true love and how even when we step away from, or are willing to let go of love, to let the people we love grow into themselves even more fully, to let ourselves become even more of ourselves in and out of love, we can still be open to loving, love, loving them and being in love with love.   And in the process when we feel like we are falling… Read more »

Dearest, dearest amazing soul …   Wow what a week we had on the stormy shores of Sydney and beyond … could you feel it clearing you on the inside as well????   Yep with all this wind and rain our heart charka and sacral will have had the opportunity to embrace an almighty cleansing. The magic is its now its time to decide (and even for those of your that don’t live in NSW the impact of Mother Earth clearing… Read more »

Aaaahhh … can you still feel the sweetness of serendipity in the air from last week … its so lovely. This week the energies are taking us into even more magic as we enter the world of great, great, great transformation through our dearest friend GRATITUDE. I often notice how in the “pursuit” of anything … happiness, success, excitement, wisdom, service, transformation, purpose … we can sometimes forget to savour the sweetness in this very moment and in all that… Read more »

  Into and onto the path which journey’s you back to your greatness there will be moments of letting go. Moments when you need to be willing to completely surrender of all that you THINK you are, all you have been taught to be or even just who you have grown to think you should be.   This week is one of those weeks … its time to let lose with love, do things at your own pace and as… Read more »

My musing, is our musing, my heart, is our heart, my vulnerabilities, are our vulnerabilities and my love, is our love. I wrote this poem back on 11.11 and it felt very sacred, personal and like I wasn’t quite ready to share it as it shows all of me. Today is a new day, today is the day and as you read these words I invite you to allow whatever resonates with your heart and soul to wash through you… Read more »

  We all deserve to fly this year  …. are you ready to spread your wings, launch your journey and let 2015 exceed even your own expectations. I’m wondering, if you and I were sitting with a glass of sparkly bubbles on the very last day of this very very special year, what would you like us to be celebrating??? How would you like to be feeling??? What would you like to have experienced?? Big or small, wondrous or simple …… Read more »

My #THX2U Challenge Let the challenge begin … in my posts I will be sharing with you my 365 Days #THX2U I will be pouring my heart and soul into each one and feel immensely blessed and grateful to be taking this journey with such an amazing and supportive community right alongside me. And if you are joining here for the first time and not sure what this #THX2U is all about … click here for everything you need to know… Read more »

Welcome back …. I hope you enjoyed clearing some of the clutter of your mind last month by “breathing in love and clarity and being more mindful with your thoughts and words.”  If you missed Step One in this series around “Breathe Mindful Peace” you may want to click on the link and pop on over and have a read after enjoying this post. And now its time for Step Two … Reconnect Your Inner Fire. What I see in… Read more »

If you’re not making headway in your life, you might need to look at your non-verbal cues. I was recently invited to contribute to some “body language” tips for a Sydney Morning Herald piece and thought you all might enjoy the read … by Gayle Bryant. It’s not just first impressions that count. Your everyday body language can be what determines whether people like or trust you – and ultimately whether they want to do business with you. If someone… Read more »

REWIND … you are totally not ordinary, you were born to BE EXTRAodinary and live your greatest life RIGHT NOW. You se we were all placed here to live, learn, grow and to be, do and have an EXTRAordinary life but then something very, very strange happens …. so what is it, well it starts of course with a story???I was at a course a couple of years back and someone asked me what I did for work and I… Read more »

Yes I hate to be the bearer of bad news today but I am dying, you are dying, we are all going to die one day and yet death is often a concept we try to ignore until it’s too late. The reality is if you were to actually wake as if every single day was you last and live from this place, don’t you agree something would be quite different. In the world of investment banking there is one… Read more »

  Often in life and in business I find we are continually reminded to focus on where we want to go.  Keeping our eyes on the prize and out of the present. Today I feel like challenging this way of DOing, rather than BEing, by pointing out something …. What if the prize we are REALLY seeking in our hearts is actually already in front of us right now and by being focused away from this we are miss it?… Read more »

I have worked with lots of clients over the years facing a variety of different levels of anxiety and it still saddens me to hear that one in four Australians experience anxiety and that in the last 6 years there has been an increase of 60% in anxiety related cases. I can see even within my own business this desire for answers around anxiety as my post on Releasing Anxiety with Crystal Healing is my no.1 searched post. As I… Read more »

OK, so you are ready to take a journey with me today to Wake Up and Shake Up our lives. You see I have spent the last 2 days with the most inspirational group of people, all with an EXTRAordinary mission on the earth and most importantly ready, committed and determined to live, learn, grow, take action and create their mission. Hanging out with these amazing people has lead me to make a pretty big “Wake Up” confession to myself…. Read more »

Well can you believe its May … wowsers this year is flying and you know what that means yep nearly two months have passed (or nearly 3 if we met in December) since you created and anchored your visions. I ran a Vision board workshop for Apple last week which was so much fun and it got me thinking about just how quiet most of you have been since we caught up, I have heard a few whispers of success… Read more »