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Often in life and in business I find we are continually reminded to focus on where we want to go.  Keeping our eyes on the prize and out of the present. Today I feel like challenging this way of DOing, rather than BEing, by pointing out something ….

What if the prize we are REALLY seeking in our hearts is actually already in front of us right now and by being focused away from this we are miss it?

Could we actually be missing the joy, the experiences and the miracles right in front of us by focusing on where we want to go?

I am all for vision, missions and spreading your message in the world I just find that sometimes the line between doing for doing sake and moving forward can get a little blurred.

I have had alot on over the last couple of weeks and this morning felt inspired to go down to the beach to meditate. As I sat there I looked out at the calm quiet ocean, the waves crashed against the shore and I thought to myself “how could I or anyone actually want anything more than this.” Now don’t get me wrong I am totally aware how blessed I am to live right near the beach however most of us have these little bits of mother nature right around the corner and we often miss them completely. I was thinking just the other day how I could count the number of times I went to the Botanical Gardens on one had when I was working in the city for over 4 years and the same is probably true for Hyde Park in London.

Sometimes life, or thinking about life, really does gets in the way of living.

Whenever I am in nature my heart opens, I feel joy and I know that around me are all people I love, work that excites me and all that I could ever wish for. So what happens to this when I get busy????

You see our crazy busy mind try’s to take us out of these precious extraordinary ordinary moments by keeping our eyes on the prize. This then takes us out of the present and what ends up happening is that we miss out on the pleasures of life, right now.

So I am going to challenge us all today to imagine and acknowledge that the prize is already within you, the prize is your life in this very moment … What could this one statement open your eyes and heart to seeing is EXTRAordinary in your life right now ???xx

Much love and everyday gifts, Kyla

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