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What I’ve found on my press play adventures lately is that the more I give myself permission to play and do more of what I love, the more life magnetically supports me. Many of us have been taught to work hard so we can play hard, but I’ve actually discovered that the complete opposite is true.





As I press play the less I have to force, try, push, coerce, control or make things happen. It’s like the more love we are, and the more time we dedicate to being love and spreading love the greater our hearts open to receive more of this. Its like the more we remind ourselves what joyful living feels like, the greater the ripple effect is to the universe proclaiming that we are worthy, valuable and love, and then more of this flows back to us.





We recently had our Embrace Life Festival and in previous years at the end of a day I would feel a little tired, worn out and need to go home and rest that night. This time I choose to completely let go, to press play all day and what I found was the more my team and I played, danced, laughed, and connected, the more energy we had. And when I packed up at 4pm I was so super pumped with energy that I headed out into Manly all dressed up in my face paint and danced till 4am, before getting up again at 7.30am for Pilates!!!





Also part of the reason I wanted to go out all dressed up was to prove within myself that I no longer cared what others think of me. Its easy to get all dressed up and play as a part of our soul tribe and in a safe environment, but heading into the “real world” can often be a little more scary. What I found was that my love of myself now is so great, that I can live fully liberated in my joy, crazily free and playful in my magical child no matter how anyone responds to me.



In all my excitement I even managed to get a massive group of people, men, women, couples, all up and dancing in the Steyne which if you’ve ever been there you will understand is quite an accomplishment.There was a moment throughout the night where I looked up and in complete awe I realised that a higher love was vibrating through me and as I sustained this not only did I feel amazing but so did everyone around me. The more grateful I was for every mo ment I was living, for every song that came on, and for every soul that joined me dancing, the more expansive my energy became.



And my secret recipe to getting to this point in my life … yep you guessed it “daily acts of self love.” Along with a constant dedication to my expansion by investing in the purification of my heart through my own with personal soul journeys and healings over the last decade.



So my question to you today … what are you doing to increase the amount of higher love in you and then inadvertently in your life at the moment.? You see, we get one go at this life and so why waste it holding back, wishing you could dance like everyone was watching, you could tell your partner how you really feel, ask for that promotion, start that business or you could call that amazing guy and ask him out on a date (this one will be another blog). And as you take that one giant leap of faith, or tiny step towards higher love this week remember to do all of this with a playful skip in your step, love in your heart and a lightness in your mind allowing you to simply BE the life you desire to create.




Wishing you a magical, playful, soulFULL week. Immense LOVE…

Kyla xx


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