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Into and onto the path which journey’s you back to your greatness there will be moments of letting go. Moments when you need to be willing to completely surrender of all that you THINK you are, all you have been taught to be or even just who you have grown to think you should be.


This week is one of those weeks … its time to let lose with love, do things at your own pace and as the layers fall away you will receive the blessings of stepping back into who you were really were born to be ….


And in any moments of uncertainty or resistance may your mantra BEcome “who the hell cares anyway, I am here, I have chosen to be alive and I am going to love myself anyway…”


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Yay for you I can hear your inner raving fans joining the party already.

Wishing you a week filled with greatness.

Much love and embrace, Kyla


fearless focus


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