Be You Kyla Tustin Soul Coach


BE remembered. I lived, I loved, I led … as me.


The greatest question we get asked in life is what do you want to do, or even more now what is your why, and why do you do what you do … what if instead the most important question we asked ourselves and our children was


who will you be remembered for BEing?


With so much focus in the world to look outside ourselves and the focus on the DOing, we have lost the gift of all that naturally flows through our blood system, our BEing. We have forgotten that we are each born of stardust; pure, magical, loving and filled with hope. So I ask you, with the openness of open hearts … if on the day of your passing everyone quoted one word, in honour and reverence of your whole existence … without any attachment to what you did, how will you be remembered.


who will you BE?

© 2014 Gunther Hang All Rights ReservedImmense, immense, magical love …. Kyla

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