Happy Magical Monday…


I’m so excited to be feeling the amazing energies of October flow, especially as this “10” month is filled with the power of not one, BUT TWO new moons! This means it’s time for impossible dreams (my favourite) to come true!


Yep, BIG, MASSIVE, magnetic miracles are just waiting to come your way!!!

 If, that is, you are willing to intend, believe, and open to receive. 



When I say willing to receive, you might be thinking “OF COURSE I’M WILLING!” I’m not talking about your conscious mind though, I’m talking about the super powered deep subconscious which rules your life, and may have been filled with some not very useful childhood beliefs. If not reprogrammed these could be filling your days with all the reasons as to why you are not worthy, why you “should” keep playing small, or even just limiting your happiness quota.


I’m going to chat more about this and cognitive dissonance next week, for now our mission this week is to simply welcome miracles daily. 


Choose this week to wake up, embrace your morning with the mantra below and then open your heart to receive. Set a phone reminder will help this process. As you do this,be curious, and note down, any thoughts that rise which you feel might be limiting the inflow of miracles (e.g. they don’t exist, it cant be that easy, yeah right I’ve asked for things before and they never happened, I remember when I “wished” for …. and it didn’t happen etc.) We don’t know what we don’t know when it comes to these beliefs and awareness if the first step.  



Let’s also experiment this week by not “telling” the universe what the miracle has to be. You are simply just intending to practice being open to allowing a waterfall from the infinite universe within, and above, to flow in and see what arrives. These gifts might come in many forms, like a kind smile from a stranger, a work bonus or even a someone saying how beautiful you look.


I do love daily miracles and cant wait to hear what it brings you this week.




Our mantra this week … 
“The universe is bringing me a waterfall of miracles daily and I’m ready and open to receive.



This weeks inspirational song … 
Ready For A Miracle, LeAnn Rimes
PS. dancing is an essential ingredient to invoke your miracle 🙂
Spotify Link / YouTube Link



And if you are ready to clear any limiting and sabotaging beliefs holding you back and open your heart and energy to even greater miracles then lets do it,  BOOK A SESSION, and we will have you living your greatest in all areas of your life in no time. 



Wishing you a magical, playful, soulFULL week! xX


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