Happy Glorious Monday….



“What could be different if you lean in and just take the first step???”


Aaaahhh …. can you still feel the magic and playfulness of the April fool flowing through your month … and in combination with the potent super new moon last week, its energy is definitely ramping us up for this divine time to set some grandiose intentions for what you are going to magnetise more of in your life and then of course be willing to take the first step.



I am in the process of preparing for my “spiritual entrepreneurs” week in Hawaii and it has definitely got me thinking about my “next step” in terms of living, loving and leading as me to support each of you to create your greatest life. As a part of this we have been discussing the power of RESISTANCE and the many forms it can take in our lives. Especially, when we are about to take that next step into the unknown, into greatness or outside our comfort zone. For some it might be illness, mind games, distractions, procrastinations, falling back into old, unhealthy habits, working too much on other things, kids, or even just putting our needs last. I have come to believe that this resistance list may even be longer than the never-ending story itself, because that’s where it all begins, with the story we are telling ourselves.



So I am wondering … what might be some of your resistance “patterns or habits” and what could you do differently this week to begin to get moving and unstuck as you lean into the life your desire most and to allow the flow to continue moving forward when resistance arrives rather than allowing it to halt your progress. To get us really inspired I have created a short musing video this week with an extra activity to support you on this MASSIVE topic, near and dear to all our hearts and minds xx


Building Resistance Awareness



This weeks song to inspire us to lean in …. Heartbeat Song, Kelly Clarkson
Spotify Link  /  YouTube Link


May you keep going this week, may you lean into the life you know you desire and deserve and may the joy of BEing you ripple out into the world xx



Wishing you a magical, playful, soulFULL week, Immense LOVE, Kyla xx



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