Happy Magical Monday…


Aaahhh solstice energies, and seasonal changes how I love you …can you feel it too??



As I drove home from Manly yesterday after a wonderful weekend I looked up and saw the most divine double rainbow! This rainbow arriving after such a spectacular storm reminded me of the beauty we are met with after the chaos of a big messy emotional clear out, and how much fun each stage can be if we allow it freely.



So this week as we begin to flow into spring and October (which is a 10 and all about new beginnings). I would invite you to check in, to ask yourself what is no longer serving your life, your happiness, your expansion and then make a choice to do one thing differently. And then move forward, one step at a time, with a smile on your dial and a skip in your step. After of course you have let any and all emotions connected to this rise and release. As true happiness only comes after we let ourselves feel the whole spectrum of emotions, the good, the so called bad, the messy and the joyous.





This weeks inspirational song …
L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N, Noah and the Whale
Spotify Link / YouTube Link




And if you are ready to power into October and looking for a spring energy cleanse before it arrives be sure to pop in and BOOK A SESSION, and lets have you living your greatest in all areas of your life in no time.



Wishing you a magical, playful, soulFULL week! xX


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