Monday Musing-6

Happy Happy LEAP Monday…
“Just BE it anyway.”



Its pretty cool that we get an EXTRA day in the year today to LEAP into life, and get moving in the direction of our dreams … hmmm I wonder what will you do today to make the most out of this extra day????



I get a strange feeling today that there is something, or someone, you know you can BE and maybe just maybe, you are holding yourself back. Don’t fret it happens to the best in all of us. Though the times and tides are a changing, and today is your day to just be, or do it, anyway. Let’s take a deep breath, tap into the part of your that already knows you can own this, and quite simply stop listening to the past or future gremlins of DOOM that lay inside of your head. You see I realised lately, that if you can have a dream or intention, if it has brought itself into your awareness then at some level it must already be true, in some time or space continuum, you are already totally living this idea. So now it just about speeding it up a little and bringing it into form.



Let’s make this week the week, you truly commit to doing ONE thing that is going to bring you closer to the optimum future self you know already lays patiently inside you. I see them, feel them, know them and celebrate you for having the courage and bravery to welcome them home.



Now for a little musical encouragement for our week …. with the intention of WAKING up the part of you that remembers how to believe in YOU and the magic of life.



“I’m ready for a better life.
I know I can be somebody, someone to love ….”
Deorro feat. Erin Mccarley – I can be Somebody
LISTEN HERE: Spotify / YouTube



And FYI here is my super exciting news … I won one of the amazing Hay House Writers Workshop prizes and with this a deal to write my first full book. Yes the time has come for me to throw open my heart even wider and share my words with the world. Did I procrastinate on putting the proposal submission in, hell yes, did I just have to get over myself, sit down and fully commit to it, YES. And did I then have to completely let the idea go so that it could be brought into form in whatever way this creative spark required, SURE DID


You see we also have to be to willing fully commit to ourselves, and then to let our dreams free, and if they come back in that form great, if not, know that some thing better will always arrive!!!





Yay for you I know you’ve got this covered … peace out magical friend.


Also we are having so much magical transformational fun with the wonderful team currently on the Turn Up the Love program that I have decided to launch another powerful adventure before I head off to the US. The next group begins on 3rd of March and so if your soul is calling to remember the love you were born to be, and illuminate your purpose with clarity this year… then I’d love to play along with you.

Feedback so far: “I haven’t felt this connected and happy in years.” 

Click here for more info.




Wishing you a magical, playful, soulFULL week, Immense LOVE, Kyla xx



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