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Yes I hate to be the bearer of bad news today but I am dying, you are dying, we are all going to die one day and yet death is often a concept we try to ignore until it’s too late.

The reality is if you were to actually wake as if every single day was you last and live from this place, don’t you agree something would be quite different.

In the world of investment banking there is one thing that I learnt pretty quickly, everything is about supply, demand and scarcity. Think about it, the rarest products in the world are often classed to be the most valuable however we often never think about the scarcity or rarity of each day, and therefore the value in living our most EXTRAordinary life every single day. Now when I say this I don’t mean doing EXTRAordinary things every day, though of course you can if you choose too, I mean opening our hearts and minds to seeing the EXTRAordinary in ourselves, in others and even in our ordinary, everyday experiences. Like the wind blowing in the trees, the ocean waves crashing against the shore, the kind person who smiles at you on the bus ….. aaahhh the simple life.

An experiment was once shared with me and to this day I am still looking for enough marbles so that I can offer these life lesson in every workshop I run. So the experiment is to purchase a glass jar and a bag of marbles equivalent to approximately the average number of weeks you will have left of the earth … I am guessing I will live to about 103 so right now that would be approximately 3536 marbles (you can see my issue in offering these at every workshop). Then each week you remove a marble as you complete the week, pretty cool hey. Removing the marble signals our brain that the days in our life are in scarce supply and so guess what “we’d better make every week count.”

Through the power of this exercise I find that it allows us to open up to the choices we have in every minute … for example “I can choose to be happy right now” not when I get that next project, get married, finish my study, buy a house … RIGHT NOW. This scarcity and value around life awakens our seed of potential and possibility from within that we had better wake up and shake up our choices so that we can MAKE EVERY MINUTE COUNT.

So if you don’t go out and buy yourself a BIG bag of marbles why not at least ask yourself at the end of every week “how will I make this week different, who will I be, how will I show up to ensure I make a difference in my life and the world right now?”

My new mission to make every day and moment count is to slow down, to smell the roses and to focus most importantly on “who I am being” rather than “what I am doing” throughtout my days. It has led me to make some very different choices and decisions which align with my values and most importantly is sewing more seeds of love into my life and the lives of those I encounter.

And if you are feeling like your marble needs a little more sparkle or alignment in its roll then definitely get in touch and let’s discuss a breakthrough session to ensure that you have the clarity and inspiration to make everyday count.

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