Monday Musing-5



Magical, Magical Monday…


“So tell me what you want, what you really, really want ……BUT (there’s always a but when we let the mind take charge hehehe) !!!! Do you even know what you really, really want??



There have been many times throughout my life’s masterpiece when I have paused and asked myself this very question. You see as we transform, evolve, shift and remodel so too, do our desires, goals, wishes and dreams. And if we don’t check in every now and then we might actually be chasing something that we don’t really even want, which will mean failure isn’t just an option, its an certainty.


With an average of 50% of NYE goals failing by June (yep 2 months to go peeps) I feel like its time we up the anti in our VEP community, take a moment to check in and ask yourself truly, madly, deeply … what you want … and together we GO GET IT!!!! ‘Why?’… I’m hearing you ask, well because you are so very very worth it, and as I learnt the long way if we wait for permission from someone else we are going to be waiting a very long time.




So our divine musing mission this week is a magical invitation …. imagine today is your Kyla appointed special day. I’ve bought you a beautiful “YAY for YOU” celebration cake and its time for you to make a wish. We take a moment to open your heart widely by placing your hands on your heart as you take a few deep breaths. You close your eyes, and you make the biggest GREATest wish you could ever dream for your life right now … and then you blow out your candles.


PS you can’t get this wrong, and it doesn’t have to be perfect, just be open, playful and curious as to what arrives.



NEXT, What I would love, love, love is for you to hit reply to this email and send me your wish. And then, not only will I energetically place it into my magic WISH jar (see below) for it to be infused with DIVINE MAGNETISM all this week .. I am also in the process of creating something very very new and special since heading back home and so your wish may literally be my command, intriguing I know but I can’t say too much just yet!!!! And if you are super duper keen to play full out, I would also love you to share the top thing you think or feel has held you back from making this wish happen so far in your life?





Aladdin, eat your heart out, check out our magic lamp … !!!



This weeks song to inspire your wish creating …. Spice Girls, WannaBe
(totally showing my age here, I LOVE it)
Spotify Link  /  YouTube Link

May this week offer you a chance to dream bigger than you ever imagined, to make this wish count and to know you are so very loved and supported in your dream wish and to be you on this beautiful earth.




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