Monday Musing

Ooohhh Happy Days!



I can hear you asking ‘seriously Kyla, can six words really change my whole life and have me waking up happy?!’






And here they are ..



“Everything is going to be ok.”



Amazing, hey, and even as I write them I can feel a softening of my energy, and an opening of my heart. Having worked now one on one with clients for six years I can assure you, these six words, in different forms, are the most common that rise as we complete our journey. Strange isn’t it, that we spend so much of our days in fear, worry, overwhelm, anxiety, and yet all we need to really do is take a deep breath and repeat these words “everything is going to be ok.”



I hope you enjoy this simple tip and remember the energetic purification occurring at the moment for everyone, (no you are not alone in this though sometimes it can feel that way) is HUGE. Many people have been messaging me asking if I am still doing 1:1 energy healings and tune ups, and yep I sure am! So if you are feeling the calling, give yourself this greatest gift of filling up with love and get in touch or jump online and book in.



And of course Happy Friday to you xxx





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