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Are you ready to fly ..

Happy Fullmoon Friday the 13th,I was sitting here this morning in meditation and was shown a beautiful image of a woman sitting on the edge of a cliff contemplating life. As she looked up with faith in her heart a gentle angelic guide stepped in behind her, gave her a little tap and encouraged her to jump. As she stepped off the cliff beautiful wings appeared and she flew into freedom and the joy and love that flowed through her, and me, in this moment was EXTRAordinary.

After the vision appeared I sat in contemplation for a while and asked “what message could this have for us on this very special fullmoon Friday the 13th?” And low and behold was presented with the gift of taking a leap of faith on ourselves, our dreams and who we were born to be. You see sometimes we need a gentle push to get our dreams moving along (hence why people like me exist) because the longer we sit on the cliff contemplating what a life of freedom “could” look like the less likely we are to actually fly. Yes we all have human brains and pesky gremlins that come up with a millions reason “why not to” and then guess what another year will pass and nothing has changed.

Over the decades the power of the divine feminine within all of us, including all you guys reading this, has been suppressed and in its place I often see fear of the unknown, fear of our divine intuitive power, uncertainty, doubt, stress and procrastination.

What could be different if with all this beautiful 13 and fullmoon energy you just let go and took a leap of faith on life knowing that it is not what you are going but who you are being that really counts? It doesn’t have to be a huge shift or action even a simple phone call or doing or finishing something you have been putting off for ages, maybe you have been thinking about coming in for a session or taking 5 to sit in the park. As we choose to make small incremental changes the most miraculous thing occurs new neural pathways are created and our cells begin to do a happy dance to this new feeling of faith and want to create even more and then yes you guessed it our dreams really do come true.

I have a yearning feeling inside that many people in the world are still asleep to the divine potential which lays within us and it is now time to stand up, step up, let go and FLY.

So, are you ready to fly???? I am and can’t wait xxx

If you feel ready to fly then why not come join me and all the amazing EXTRAordinaires in our community creating our great and enjoy one of our upcoming free meditation groups in the next couple of weeks and allow your spirit and soul soar.

Much EXTRAordinary Fullmoon Energy and Love, Kyla

PS. We only have two spots let for tonights free Full Moon Meditation in Manly from 6.30pm and so text or email me or  0419 222 592 if you would like to join in

PPS. If you are keen to come along to our free Wednesday MeetUp Meditation with Soul on Wednesday night from 7pm then please register through Meetup click here

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