Monday Musing-12



Magical, Magical “I’m Gonna Feel Good About Being Me” Monday …




To become great … to be great … to live liberated in our greatness, WE MUST anchor compassion for ourselves and others. 





OMGreatness …. so last week I had the honour and privilege of randomly meeting a Buddhist Lama and getting to spend the day with him. And I can assure you, you totally think you have your kindness and compassion muscles fully pumped, until you hang out with someone as unique as this and he blows your mind, quite literally into purity. 



So you guessed it … our mission this week COMPASSION, and loads of it, its definitely time. I had already been feeling the calling to listen to the beautiful chants of OM MANI PADME HUM quite a bit lately and now I know why.




The gift these words bring are greater levels of purity and compassion to our mind, our energy and our lives, and you can truly feel it as the words and sounds wash over you. In listening every morning and night I can already feel my heart opening wider and shifting up a gear, which is making me feel calmer, more present, more compassionate towards myself and others, and just all in all feeling more energised. EXCITING stuff, I cant wait for you to enjoy it to and for added bonus you can even chant along too!!!   




This weeks inspirational song … 
Om Mani Padme Hum, Budi Siebert
Spotify Link  /  YouTube Link





Enjoy … I can feel your heart smiling already xxx





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