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Hello amazing soul seeker …


I felt today I would surprise you by popping along in just after lunch with a gift of a moment of powerful presence and truth. An opportunity to get real with ourselves … yep right now.


You see I have been sitting on a draft email for months now, ridiculous I know, to a very special lady and mentor who I would like to connect with in the speaking world. Today I lay down on the ground and totally surrendered to whatever part of me was afraid and to the crazy stories my mind had made up and then I got up and sent the email. With this came the realisation, I was only holding myself back because there was a part inside that forgot for a while that I am already enough.


You see its quite simple really, with or without a reply from her, I am still enough right now, its only the ego mind that was holding me back from experiencing disappointment, rejection, or any other emotions I feared, when the greatest disappointment truly is not completely going for our dreams.


The weirdest part I didn’t even know I was doing this, you see I am usually pretty good at stepping up and putting myself out there but for some reason this step felt scarier than usual and so I magically hid it in the draft cupboard and tried to pretend it wasn’t there, but deep down I knew.


Yep even those of us that walk, talk and live this stuff everyday have sneaky little gremlins inside wanting to hold us back and keep us safe. Our mission, to love all these parts even more, to give them presence and time and then to get back up, take a stand for what really matters and to keep moving forward, one kind and loving step at a time.


So now its your turn to dissolve the doubt and BE brave with me …


What is one small thing that you have thought about doing for a really long time and every time you start, you stop and hold yourself back???

Deep inside of you, there is a part that knows the answer to this question right off the back, even if you “think” you don’t, remember those inner gremlins can be super sneaky … lets pick up the pen and just start writing, it will come and you may be pleasantly surprised and freakishly excited by just how easy it can be to step up and ripple even more positive change into your life.

Then after you have the answer, I want you to go ahead right NOW and take the first step, no matter how small it might be… even if it means scheduling in the time to do something if you are busy right now, any commitment is better than hiding in the cupboard of safety.
Shine brightly dear one and I can’t wait to hear how amazing you feel when you take the first step.

And the coolest part, after sending this email, I was then inspired to send another one to another contact, yep the ripple effect of love just keeps paying its dividends. xx


© 2014 Gunther Hang All Rights ReservedImmense, immense, magical love coming your way ….

Transformational Speaker, Soul Coach & Facilitator of EXTRAordinary Change


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embrace life

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