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Happy magical first Monday for 2016 Kyla …

WOW then, now then, where shall we begin this wondrous year together … interestingly you’ll find its with COMPLETIONs. You see we have entered into a “9” year numerologically and so there will definitely be alot of letting go and completions to rise, however for many I feel there are still a few little 2015 wishes incomplete we might need to deal with before moving ahead.

Yep, I’ve been hearing a little bit of dismay and disappointment around town from a few people WISHing last year was some what different or that certain things had changed or transformed in a specific areas of your life, which just hasn’t quite occurred.

So if this is you, the GREAT NEWS you have till the new moon on the 10th of Jan to energetically smash this story in whatever way you need. And I offer you now a couple of solutions you can CHOOSE from … you can still take an action step towards transforming this area, yes any commitment, done on any day, is still as powerful as the last. Or you might simply choose to fully complete the year by forgiving yourself for anything “undone” and LETTING IT GO before this new moon energy arrives.

Also a hint, in some areas of your life you might actually BE exactly where your soul needs to BE and its your pushy ego you just need to stop listening too.

And once you FEEL totally complete, I have one big 2016 mantra for us all to enjoy and live by, in full acknowledgment that we are powerful co-creators and know that wishing, without action, won’t actually fully transform things. Particularly if our wish is focused towards what is wrong, or wishing someone or something was different rather than focusing on ourselves and how we desire to feel or BE. Here goes …

as we discover that consistent ongoing commitment to ME (you) + my (your) souls goals + illumination will transform everything in 2016.

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