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You are so so very Brave … where to next?? xx



Happy magical Monday Kyla …


How did you go with your BE Brave mission??? … my hope + vision is that this BEcomes your new way to BEing in 2016. Yep, totally putting yourself out there and fully stepping into life everyday. So where to next … you ask???


Our weekly intention: BE Bold

Our weekly affirmation: “In accepting my boldness I acknowledge I am so much more than enough.”

Our weekly musing mission: BE Bold … this week is going to take you into remembering what it feels like to show up everyday as you, to feel confident as you + to be continuously reminding yourself of your willingness to create the most EXTRAordinary life ever. ACTION something that you have been wanting to do for a really long time. Ask yourself “if I fully accepted the wholeness of my confident loving self I would …” let the ideas roll into your mind and heart and then choose one. Book it in and get it done.

Our unseen energy shift: Through this one action we are going to dissolve this crazy idea that the world needs you to be anything other than WHO you are already. The more you action through love, you show up as you, the more you will realise the brilliance + illumination that already shines with you + the less likely you are to listen to the gremlin voices inside your head telling you otherwise.

Of we go then … life awaits + I know you have totally got this xxx

OH yeah and if you feel a calling and haven’t signed up … time is ticking as we flow into our super exciting Turn Up The Love online hangout and life transforming mission. Spaces are limited as this includes one on one sessions with me and so no more dilly dallying if your soul is calling for more LOVE xx


Kyla Tustin, Self love + Soul Coach

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