Magical Monday…



“I am creating change in my world from within”



How are you on this very wondrous day? I’m guessing, things might be rising a little in your world, as they are mine anlot of others on the path to greatness.


You see in this very very special “9” year, there is so much deep clearing going on energetically and emotionally for many. With all this rising it feel’s only fitting to fill our musing this week with a magical process of accepting, allowing and letting go. Remember the great saying “what you resist persists” and this couldn’t be more true at this time, so our musing mission is going to take super duper self awareness. You see, the busier we are, the less likely we are to realise what needs to let go, and the easier it becomes for sabotage or distraction to take over.



The energy at the moment might be rising as incessant thoughts, emotions, out dated behaviours or reactions … and the most important opportunity you have, is to observe, witness, accept, receive the wisdom and then choose to release the energy. Judgment, control and holding on at this time will only serve to increase discomfort and zap our energy of our loving life force. No thanks!!!



Are you ready then??? Say it with me (and anytime things rise this week) … “In this moment, I choose to slow down, to breathe, to accept this “[fill in the blank for what is rising e.g anger, sadness, exhaustion, fear of change]”, to welcome the wisdom gained through this experience and to release the energy fully and completely from all levels and layers of my being and my life. It is done, its is done, its is done.” 



You may then choose to imagine seeing it like a cloud leaving or a cord of energy dissolving, from your body or your mind, and then you can choose to fill yourself up with love. Aaaahhh freedom. Now for some of you, you may feel you need a little support with these shifts at this time, and this is totally where I come in. So be sure to jump online to book a session and we will have you fully energised and feeling free again in no time. And we can even share this while you sleep with a super powered remote session. FYI I will be heading off to the US for 5 weeks on the 22nd of March so lets lock you in before I go. 



You are doing and BEing amazingly, and I know you’ve totally got this letting go and turning up the love in your life totally covered this week  … peace out magical friend.




Wishing you a magical, playful, soulFULL week, Immense LOVE, Kyla xx



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