Magical Monday….


“There comes a time when holding on only serves to cause you greater pain. So let GO my dear one!!!”



I’m currently packing my bags for the US as leave tomorrow and I always love the chance as I FLY somewhere to choose as the plane lets go of the earth’s atmosphere to LET GO of something that is no longer serving my current level of joy and love vibration. With this imminent excitement I’ve decided this week its time to get down and deep as we serve up a good old platter of heart truth, topped with some magical sprinkles of course!!!

So I ask you …. who (this could be yourself or someone else) or what do you still find yourself blaming or complaining about for your currently level of reality and/or life???



Now this question in itself might make you feel a bit squirmy … “who me???? I’m way too nice to think or feel ill of anyone” …. hehe yeah right. Sure in your heart and soul maybe, but we all have little gremlins inside our head that like to look outside of ourselves to avoid taking FULL accountability for some part of our life. These sneaky little voices will either hold on and tell you to keep busy and avoid looking at it, or quite simply continue blaming someone else. This is what I like to call “avoidance, blame + complain addiction” and sadly what I know for sure, it keeps us feeling icky and powerless if we allow it to lead the way.



The magic you see, comes when we are willing to STOP looking at the other person for forgiveness, or blame, and take 110% full accountability for our part. And yes forgiveness of people, places, experiences and ourselves can be a tough journey as literally “truth hurts”, however the rewards I assure you are well worth it.



So this week … forgiveness sake, its totally time to give yourself, and your energy a FREEDOM break and make a choice to finally let whatever has been causing you pain go and heres your song to support even greater levels of love from within xx



This weeks musing song …. L-O-V-E, Joss Stone

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And if you are not sure HOW to do this, particularly if this has been a block for a while, my magical NO REGRETs crystal activation and transformational healing journey might just be the shift you need. The best bit with this magic, all you need to do is schedule some relaxation time, lay down and give yourself permission to receive the healing energies and vibrations as I gently guide you through the journey adventure.





Heres to even more freedom, for you, me, and everybody this week.





Wishing you a magical, playful, soulFULL week, Immense LOVE, Kyla xx



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