Release Your Inhibitions & Fly

PART One … of learning to FLY

One of the greatest tragedies in our world these days is missed opportunites to really fly, to be our truest self and to create through this the life of our dreams.

When it comes to change and living our dreams I hear all the time the same repetitive beliefs and conditions “I don’t have time … or I will get to it when.” What do I see happen???? “When” never arrives and all of a sudden ten years has passed and you are “wishing” you had just changed something, started that course, spoken up about that promotion and truly, madly, deeply just been and honoured yourself. Like imagine if I had decided to stay in banking till “my mortgage was paid off or the GFC was over??” I could still be there now and not here chatting with you, now that was defintely a diverted tradedy.

I was doing the school run this morning for my sister’s partner and when I mentioned to Paige that it was cold out and she could maybe wear her beautiful pink jacket, she quickly reminded me that you can’t wear that to school … it was then that I asked myself quitely “why can’t kids wear bright pink fluffy jackets to school??”. I was very tempted to ask her the same question and realised best not to confuse a 4 year old with my very unconvential unparent-like views, so thought I would share them with you instead.

You see we create so many rules and conditions at such a young age and little do we know these stay with us FOREVER, unless of course we start exploring, do the work and BREAK FREE from the prison of these conditions.

If its been proven that our brain performs 31% better when in a postive state so wouldn’t it make sense to be able to let kids be a full expression of themselves and wear the clothes they LOVE and feel happy in everyday and the same goes for us???

How many people in business put on a dreary black suit every day, because this is what they THINK they should wear and LOOKS professional, who says?? Why not add a little pizzaz, a little colour or even a little crazy into your day by breaking free of this societal condition and judgment and just being you. Why do we need a “work wardrobe” and a “play wardrobe” when everyday at work we are still showing up as us. Now I am not saying appearance doesn’t matter because of course we all know impressions last, but in a world where people show on average 10% of themselves to their colleagues doesn’t dressing “as a full expression of you” make complete sense in improving performance and connection in the workplace???

Next came the craziest part, when I asked Paige what she wanted to be when she grew up she shared quite certain, “a kindy teacher.” Of course I asked “is this so you get to play all day” and was greeted with a cold, hard reality.


I of course went on to share that I am a teacher and I play everyday so maybe if she wanted to she could choose to be a Kindy teacher that play’s as well. I think she thought I was crazy.

My power point for today….

we need more PLAY and FUN in the world

and it starts right here with you. To begin to play and fly we may need to release some inhibitions, especially the noisy pesky ones inside of our head like … what if I am judged, what if people laugh at me …. FYI I hate to break it to you but noone else really cares. If you haven’t noticed most people are too busy worrying about all these things for themselve to really think about you.  And if they are judging LET THEM its their loss and deep down we all know they would really just want to join in the fun. Your mission is to become the PLAY champion, to shine the light and in no time everyone will want to join the fun.

Don’t believe me … check this out … & go nuts with your movement “MORE PLAY” at work and in life so we can fly.

STEP One to releasing your inhibitions and FLYing high … over the next few days just notice the RULEs, SHOULDs and conditions you place on yourself and your life and if there are any of these habits you might like to shake up a little and create some positive change in e.g. could you walk a different way to work, talk to a stranger in the lift, wear a bright pink shirt to work, go dancing on a Wednesday, the list is endless??? then definitely go ahead and choose to BE the change in your life and the world.  I can assure you the smallest changes can make the most remarkable changes and the best bit then our brains start to create even more neutral pathways towards these positive imprints.

Now to get you REALLY in the mood for our movement here is the “Unwritten” song which I LOVE and is one of my POWER songs …. I would invite you to listen to the lyrics and let them settle in your soul and allow your energy to shift, and your mind and heart to open with ease.

And as today really is the only day that matters in your EXTRAordinary life  …  what inhibitions will you CHOOSE to let go of so you can FULLY live it and what will you choose to paint on your beautiful blank canvas of life

I look forward to reading your comments and hearing all about what you choose to let go of today … till then FLY my beautiful friend xxx

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