Kyla Tustin, Soul Coach

Aaaahhh … can you still feel the sweetness of serendipity in the air from last week … its so lovely.

This week the energies are taking us into even more magic as we enter the world of great, great, great transformation through our dearest friend GRATITUDE.

I often notice how in the “pursuit” of anything … happiness, success, excitement, wisdom, service, transformation, purpose … we can sometimes forget to savour the sweetness in this very moment and in all that is within us and around us.

Do you ever get this feeling????

Well as we enter our very special week of “sweetness” when all things sweet often arrive in the form of chocolate eggs and bunnies I get another feeling, in that the feeling of GRATITUDE, is ready to come and play.

And in its honour I would invite you to finish every night this week with a moment of quiet as you ask yourself “who or what am I truly, truly grateful for today and why ….”


Wishing you a wonderfully sweet week and long weekend on its way.


Wish© 2014 Gunther Hang All Rights Reserveding you a serendipitous week filled with greatness.

Much love and embrace, Kyla



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